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The Elephant House

Rapti B
A shout out to all lovers of the wizard; most of you know that the author J K Rowling was based in Edinburgh when she started writing the series and I've mentioned the Harry Potter tours and inspirations you will find tucked around all of Scotland. Rowling is said to have started writing the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, at The Elephant House on George IV Bridge. The red facade, say locals, remains unchanged as does the atmosphere of the place - the prices of course have zoomed up. There is no plaque that says 'Rowling sat here' - at least I didn't see one - but the long queue for the simple fare will alert even the uninitiated that there is something magical about The Elephant House. I stood in line for almost 20 minutes (or more).And whether you need to or not, you MUST visit the loo. How else will you see the visible proof of Potter mania, scribbled in words and art on the restroom walls? I spent 20 minutes in the loo reading everything, stepping out only when someone knocked on the door.If you have the time, you might want to pop into the Spoon Cafe that was earlier the Nicholson's Cafe where Rowling would reportedly sit at the window seat and write.Fresh fish/Fish supper If you love fish, then you must enjoy the fresh produce when in towns like Portree and Fort Augustus. All restaurants source from local fisherman. The seasonings enhance the freshness of the fish. Oh, and the fish and chips/fish supper here is stellar! If you do not have a massive appetite or want to try more than one thing off the menu, then I recommend you find a friend to split supper with. Or request the staff to serve you half portions or child portions. Why? Take a look at the plate of fish supper will you? That massive piece of fish is placed on a mound of chunky home-style chips. I gave up halfway through and asked them to pack up the rest. I tucked into some fresh salmon with turnip risotto one night... slurp. Mussels and lobsters are highly endorsed.
Veronica May
Have a quick coffee break at the birthplace of Harry Potter, The Elephant House. It’s a cosy and rustic cafe with big windows at the back for perfect views while sipping on your latte. Perhaps you’ll be sat in the same place where J.K. Rowling was inspired to start her writing career!