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Gauri Naik
We set off at 10am for Daksum which is at a distance of 40kms from Pahalgam, a 2 hours scenic drive. Daksum is a trekker's paradise with lush green coniferous trees, gurgling streams and enchanting brooks. I noticed that the pine trees here wore a dark green color which was unique. The air was cool, crisp, pure and invigorating. The car took an uphill turn to the picturesque Daksum situated at a height of 8000 ft amidst magnificent grandeur.The gurgling Bringhi river meanders through its mountains and gushes right through its centre.As the car started climbing further, the scenes became even more ethereal and took our breath away. The snow filled gorges, thick forests, rivulets of melted snow, the chirping of the birds, sights and sounds which are a rarity in our cities, were etched on our minds.It was one of the most memorable experiences.As we drove uphill it started snowing adding to our joy. The flip side was that Sinthan Top was closed because the road leading to it had heavy snowfall. Thus we had to turn back and start our downhill journey. The weather here is always unpredictable and one has to depend on one's luck while planning for this journey.