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Cinnamon Island

Rajesh Thiagarajan
We reached Palapittya and headed to Cinnamon Island via a ferry. Madu River was enchanting and it reminded me of my trips to the Kerala backwaters. The scene was no different either. We traversed the Mangrove swamps shaping the whole journey surreal. One amusing point in the boat ride was when we literally had to dodge the bridges each time the boat passes it. Some of the clicks were from my friends, and i hope they don't mind publishing some of their wonderful pics.It was a quiet 20 minutes to the Cinnamon Island. We were shown how Cinnamon sticks were made in Sri Lanka and it was an interesting session for me to understand how it was all hand made with so much ease and perfection. Sri Lanka is an biggest exporter of Cinnamon and the best in-class cinnamon are exported while the third class products are consumed by the local market.We then had our lunch at Golden Grill Restaurant en-route Bentota, which is again so Indian. We then reached the much hyped Bentota water sports club. I must say it had few little options to try (Jet Skiing, Banana Ride, Tube Ride) and I never thought twice to experience these rides.