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Vietnam Military History Museum

Harsh Mundra
Vietnam Military History Museum also has Hanoi Flag Tower. It's a unique Museum with collection of captured planes, tanks & artillery from the Vietnam War.
Reshma Narasing
5. Get to know Vietnam's past at Military Museum11 AM: Start your day to get to know a bit of Vietnam's past at Vietnam Military Museum. The American-Vietnamese war had a long lasting impact on the country, and people to this day dread of wars in Vietnam. Well, you will too, once you see the heartbreaking pictures and the remains of the war. A wrecked plane, cannon balls, aircraft and missiles silently tell the havoc of war.
Ngọc Linh
The museum has a number of artifacts on display from the conflict with the colonialists to the violence that the country saw in recent years. The outdoor area is littered with a number of plans and tanks used during the Vietnam-US conflict.