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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

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The Vietnam Ethnology Museum is renowned for its researches and exhibits on varied ethnic groups of Vietnam. Having exhibited more than 50 ethnic groups, it is considered to have been one of the finest and most interestingly organized museums in Vietnam. A top-rated spot for any tourist or traveler, its modern architecture in co-existence with the ancient culture and tradition it resides is a true marvel in itself!
Tiến Đoàn
The Ethnology Museum in Hanoi researches and exhibits various ethnic groups of Vietnam. It includes around 54 ethnic groups and is considered to be one of the finest museums in Vietnam. It is rated as a top spot by various experts and travelers in Vietnam. A reflection of modern architecture this museum was opened in 1995. The museum includes elaborate and colorful hill-tribe costumes, weaving designs, musical instruments, fishing implements, work tools and other functional objects. The display continues on to the garden outside with fascinating examples of minority housing from the King’s to the ones of the ethnic groups in Central Highlands.