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Harihareshwara Temple

One fine day I got to know there is something called turtle festival & which happens at Velas beach, Ratnagiri. After that moment I was excited to visit the place & started searching partner in crime. Nobody was interested to see turtle hatching since that just not enough to make them pack the bags, so then made some changes in plan by adding Bankot fort & Harihareshwar beach in road trip. After big No from my all groups asked my best buddy Suhas to come with me & he said yes!!, not only yes he also convinced his roommates Rakesh, Yadnesh & Pabhakar to become the journey mates.On 27th February around 11 PM we all met at my place & then stated much awaited road trip. Velas is 210 Kilometers by road, which won’t take less than 5-6 Hours. In these 5-6 hours we all became friends by understanding each other background & habits, making new friends are the best thing about travel.
Apoorva Mehta
The diveagar beach is just so beautiful and pristine it takes your breath away. It is one of the best beaches I have ever visited in India. The water is clean and the sand is soft...sounds perfect, pretty much is. You can do jeep-sailing ( dunno what to call that), banana ride and all the likes at a very affordable rate(<500) too. You can also take a tour of the beach on horse cart for ₹30 per person(take it). The sunset was to die for and so was the sunrise ( but duh- western ghats, so no sun but all the shine). We went to the beach both in the evening as well as in the morning and it gives you all the good feels.The entry to the beach is through a canopy of trees that makes it all the more enchanting. As there are no lights, try to get back because once its dark you only have phone lights and your sense of direction to get back. The place is small but safe, so dont worry even after dark. We stayed at the Pearl resort here. The room was good enough with a nice balcony too. It costed around ₹2000 for a night. Independent cottages are also available here . This place was very spacious compared to the other, somewhat cramped up guest houses we came across on the way (and trust me you come across a lot of them). The food here was simple and if you like sea food, well then you are in for some kolapuri masala awesomeness! The prawns and fish is worth a try(foodie alert).I would love to try Exotica by MTDC the next time I visit, since its right on the beach and looks amazing!The next morning after all the beach fun.