Poppies Cottages 2 1/1 by Tripoto

Poppies Cottages 2

Paula and Gordon
Poppies Lane 1 and 2 is a popular place to stay, eat and shop in Kuta. The traffic is unrelenting because the alley is wide enough for cars to get all the way from the Beach Road to Legian St. Shops line both sides of the street and you will get a barrage of “massage?” “sunglasses?” “Rolex?” and you just have to pleasantly indicate that you are not interested. The salespeople are only doing their job so it’s best not to get aggravated even though some vendors can get rather aggressive. There is always a traffic jam at that corner so watch your feet that they aren’t run over by a motorbike or taxi. Bagus Pub is a favourite hangout with Aussies because there are at least 3 screens playing the latest game. Look Poppies Lanes 1 and 2 are fun. Don’t pretend it is not what it is. Just go for it.