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Last day, we decided to explore the little towns that have not been on any tourists' list. We stayed at palampur and then started our journey in a local bus to the small village and the ARTIST's COLONY of Andreta. It was named so when Norah Richards, the famous theatre artist shifted here. Having a backdrop of Dhauladhar range, rhis place has attracted many painters, one being Shobha Singh. Shobha singh art gallery is the jewel of the place anf attracts art enthusiasts who admire his work. The gallery portrays Shobha singh's journey through his paintings. In the cultural heritage and magnificent surroundings, this place offers an opportunity to learn pottery with the man himself Mansimran who has taken the legacy of the century old heritage. Full of art, this place also houses the Norah Richards centre for art and is an idyllic spot for art lovers.The frequency of local transport is quite low, hence apply your hitchhiking skills and explore the city. Three hours away is Pathankot from where you can take buses or trains to almost anywhere.