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Tushar Chhetri
My cousins and I had decided in advance to stop by the river Obhari. We set off early morning with our gears and supplies and reached the spot in merely half an hour. Of course, it wasn’t an unfamiliar territory for us as we have been coming here for ages, with family and friends.However, as we grow and move ahead in life, we come back with new experiences and we are never the same person we used to be. So, revisiting a place simply helps us look at it from a new perspective and we come back with new memories. As children, our time here at this spot was spent doing fun activities like fishing, cooking, and swimming. And we did exactly that, again that day, revived our memories and making some new ones! I got lucky with fishing that day and trumped the catch my cousins caught. Lunch was deliciously roasted spicy freshwater fish, chilled beers and some salads we had carried with us. Somehow, we lost track of time and before we knew it, it was almost late afternoon.