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Barsheni Village Bus Stop

Rahul Nath
The next morning I walked down to Barsheni after breakfast. I took the govt. bus back. On the way I stopped at Kasol to have some food and explore the local market
Rahul Nath
Firstly, the trip cost is excluding the flight fare (I travelled from Chennai) and bus fare from Delhi. I took an overnight bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. The next morning I took a bus from Bhuntar to Barsheni. The govt. bus is cheap travel option and it is on time. After getting breakfast at Barsheni (which is the last stop) you can start on your journey to Kheerganga. It is a straight route and you will meet many fellow hikers on the way up.
Shashank Sinha
Departure DayDescending was fairly easier, however the route seemed a little different. When we had finished we actually reached the other side of Barshaini village.Few pictures from the trek while returning.
Shubhrojyoti Laha
Well, Next day and again we were late to start for this day as we had a late night. So we hired a cab and headed for Barsheni from where we had to start our trek to Kheerganga. It would be a 12km trek and this was the first time I was going to trek for this enough as I did small treks before it and so I was prepared for this. And yes I already arranged our camping for night stay at Kheerganga and I found out this was the last day for camping at Kheerganga and I felt very lucky.
Abhigya S
Barshaini: Buses ply every 40 mins or so from Kasol to Barshaini, the ride is a little bumpy yet beautiful. There's not much to do here except for purchasing essentials for your upcoming treks.Kalga: It is a 20 minute trek to Kalga, there are no motorable roads.