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Barsheni Village Bus Stop

Shashank Sinha
Departure DayDescending was fairly easier, however the route seemed a little different. When we had finished we actually reached the other side of Barshaini village.Few pictures from the trek while returning.
Abhigya Shrivastava
Barshaini: Buses ply every 40 mins or so from Kasol to Barshaini, the ride is a little bumpy yet beautiful. There's not much to do here except for purchasing essentials for your upcoming treks.Kalga: It is a 20 minute trek to Kalga, there are no motorable roads.
Ayush Singh
After embracing all that Kasol had to offer, we took a bus to Barsheni the next day, in order to go to Tosh, our next stop, however, we made a change of plans and went to a small village called Kalga instead. The bus leaves you at Barsheni, and from there on you have to trek about 3 kms to Kalga village. It's a small village on the mountain with stunning views of the valley, and peace.We stayed at Raju Bhaiya's homestay, for about 100 per person. It was truly homely, and the food was well cooked. There were a lot of other travelers, and it was here that we met Yachna and Rahul, who agreed to be our travel companions for the next day. We spent the night at Kalga, with the peace, and the quiet of the mountains, admiring the night, and singing songs at a bonfire that was lit up.
Sagar Narula
We sighed a sense of relief as soon as we reached the top and were lucky enough to get a room at a cheap price. Then at night, we went to a nearby cottage in pursuit of a bonfire. Bonfire, friends and a couple of strangers smoking together sharing different stories, what else a heart desires? We made a few friends that night, including ‘Superdogs’.
The next morning was bright, and we all woke up in order to start our journey early. The descent took lesser time and effort, although the slippery tracks did make it difficult. I met few kids selling apples on the way and absolutely loved their innocence and simplicity! I was surprisingly one of the group members who completed the trek the soonest, thanks to the great conversations, support, & bits of advice I was offered!