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Beas River Tributaries

We started almost in afternoon, took pictures had breakfast two times if I am not wrong. We tried finding a café around to have some pan cakes but all went so vain we didn’t get anything seriously. Finally, we stopped at a beautiful place, from the rafting starts the white water “The almighty Beas River”. It is said that the river flows almost 500km and serves water to all the central Himachal and nearby areas.We set on the rocks around, foots dipped in chilled white water. Had Momos and coffee.We were just next to the highway I didn’t not want anything to happened yeah you got it right, lot of vehicles were moving and the road was under construction. So, I stressed to move on so that we can really head Nagger before it’s too late.On the way itself, I found out a home stay and booked it by calling him, we were supposed to do check in around 4 but our small halts, clicking pictures, finding a café for pan cakes and smoothies extended the time about 1030, finally we checked-in. Untimely by God Grace we got the café though it was a French bakery we managed to have some amazing food in there. We spent quite valuable time there.We stayed in Soham’s home-stay, newly constructed, well maintained. We could hear some live music, so we changed our clothes and moved to the roof, ordered some booze and pasta.This was supposed to the last night, we spent most of our time seating and talking.How can I forgot that “I have never ever” was a pleasant night actually!Day 3
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Beas River:Abandoned huts of wood and stone guard lonesome apple orchards. The gurgling of a billion rebellions dims all distractions. Like tiny giants underwater, moss stones raise their heads. Hop on the dry stones, as you walk through the mischievous river Beas. Sit on its banks and observe the game of the birds. Unmindful of you, the blue, red and black shift between the shadows of the Deodars.