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Camp 4 - Nagaru

Vachana Shetty
Ming Thatch to Nagaru Date: May 8 2014 Feet: 11200ft to 12500ft Kms: 9.5 kms Time taken: 8:30AM to 3:00PM Difficulty: Medium Terrain: Mostly snow. A good hike but the snow slows you down a little. You can see Nagaru tents from a distance and acts as a good motivator throughout. Lunch point is on a sort of a cliff. A fellow trekker dropped his DSLR by accidnt here and it went rolling down the mountain easily covering 2 kms of distance. Our amazing guide went down is such style and brought the camera back in such speed that it left us all applauding. But it also made us think of our fate if we.. you know... went rolling down :s Experience: Within half hour of starting, they give you a break of over 45 minutes in fresh snow. This is your opportunity to play, slide, take pictures, fall and have fun J After this starts the not so long walk to Nagaru. The view gets whiter, air thinner but the feeling of reaching the highest camp site is exhilarating. Nagaru is a 100% snowclad camp site. The best part over here is.. YOU GET NETWORK. Nagaru Camp: We called our homes to inform our parents that we are doing well. The camp leader gave us our higher altitude sleeping bags by 4:30 PM and had khicdi for dinner by 5. By 5:15 PM we were ready to sleep as we had to start early the next morning. And then it happened. At around 5:30 PM, a blizzard struck. Our tent was opening up from all directions and snow is getting thrown in by the wind. We got onto the mission of saving our tent and ourselves and so, 9 girls got together and did an awesome job of holding the tent down. Some of us sat at the openings and held it together, some got into sleeping bags and lied down on the tent (inspite of it being freezing cold outside) and some of us stood at the centre holding the pillar. We even took the dogs in and made them sit on the tent in a corner to help us. We feared our stuff would fly away but after 2.5 hours, there was peace. I must say, after watching videos of the boys' tent that we did a fantastic job :)