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Piyuri Sahu
Resol and chalalChalal is on the way to Rasol. It is small village also known as party place for kasol. Villager are very cheering to talk. the village gives you much scenic beauty to admire
Chalal is a small village, at a pleasant walk distance from Kasol. It takes around 45 minutes from Kasol to Chalal and is a Party capital of that zone. Many raves and psy parties take place here during season. It is also a more favored spot to stay because of its closeness to Kasol yet being much peaceful and secluded. The only way to reach chalal is on foot after crossing a beautiful suspension bridge over Parvati river. The main source of earning here be either Hashish, or the women making shawls and other winter clothes. Such friendly and welcoming villagers! You might be awed to see the hospitality, they make you feel at home like you belong there! If you are at Kasol, you must visit here, and if you are looking for peace. spend a night or two at a camp here. Must Visit: Om shanti Cafe, Alpine, Evergreen Bhojnalay, Cafe 9. Must Do: Nothing. Jus sit and be in awe!