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Manish Singla
The next morning, woke up nice and fresh. The only expectation was for the sun to not come up and let me enjoy sitting besides the river. The view was as if the clouds were covering the river from the sun for my sake. The clouds were so close that it made me want to chase and get hold of them. The steaming morning tea had never tasted better. Although we just had breads, parathas and tea for breakfast, but the experience was no less than one you get in a 5-star hotel with a view. Post breakfast, we packed our bags and visited the Chitkul village. The 500 year old wooden temple and the wooden houses were a treat to look at. We ended our Chitkul stay with a nice cup of tea at Aakhri Dhaba.
Sukhpal Singh
Next Morning we boarded the same bus we boarded previous day, which goes to Kaza this day. Though bus came 1-1.5 hour late because it was too cold in morning that bus took time to start. Reached Kaza afternoon, in route bus also took diversion to pickup at Gui (famous for old Mummy Stupa) village which is little diversion from Sumdo.
Mayank Pathak
9) Even if you haven't reached Nako, don't fret there is still a good chance of landing a lift straight to Kaza. Do not attempt to do the Pooh-Nako road by walking as it is very tiring with the height gain and curves. Instead hitchhike to Nako, and then after paying a visit to the sacred Nako lake, head towards the highway located just after a short walk from the chowk. You are likely to get personal vehicles of locals willing to take you till wherever you are going, do not miss anything. Even a 10km lift would do wonders. Chango, a village in Kinnaur is located about 18km from here. Worst case scenario? You can stay at Chango as it has plenty of homestay options.
Sudha Kumari
We crossed Liti and chango in between. By 4:30 towards sumdo we observed few vehicles coming on opposite side . This seemed unusual and thus we enquired with one of the cab driver. and he said that the road is closed till morning because of landslide. We took turn and made our stop at the first village backwards ie. CHANGO. The place had less than 100 people living there. As the place was small and traveller were more we were fortunate to arrive first and book our sub standard rooms. Not happy with the rooms we went ahead to find few more places and found Himachal tourism guest house. They said tey were full but if we wait till 10:30 if other guest doent turn up tey may offer us theor rooms. We were not sure on this idea. And fortunately the owner of the Guest House arrived. After talking to him he arranged our stay at one bunglow near chango highway.We were happy and happily gave our earlier booked stay to other travellers in need. After checkin it was already 7:30 pm and it was dark with no lights due to power cut in the area.We brought few candles before the market was closing.after few hours the power was restored and we received our dinner from the staff.This trip was turning more adventurous day by day and we had no plans to sleep early. We were carrying few extra blankets. We spread the sheets near the sides of highway and arranged our tripod stand for capturing the most soothing Milky way with star lit sky. The view cannot be described in words as its been a long time that we have seen such magnificent sight. After keeping tripod on the reuired mode we sat on the highway beneath the sky full of stars and went on discussing from school life, college life, adventures to para nominal activities. Had food and slept around 4:30 am.Day 5: Chango-Tabo-Dhankar-KazaDistance: 90KmsTravel Time:12 hrsWoke up by 6:00 am went for a walk on the highway to watch Spiti River flowing just beside the house on left bank. We started our journey by 9:00 am and reached Sumdo at around 09:15 am to register our vehicle for entry into Lahual & Spiti Valley (arranged by Tours and travellers). Reached Tabo at 10:30 am and started exploring the village and its ancient roots.