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Sarabjeet Singh
I woke up fresh in the morning and had Himachali dhaam for breakfast. Sudesh called his friend Arvind (another gem of a guy) to accompany us on the trek. We headed to Mcleodganj from where we walked up to Bhagsu Naag temple which was the starting point for the trek.We packed up water bottles, fresh fruits, biscuits and a lot of toffees for the trek. Arvind brought homemade lunch for us which we decided to eat at the peak of the hill. The entire trek had multiple different landscapes which kept the excitement level up.Bhagsu Naag waterfalls and Shiva CafeA series of steps from Bhagsu naag temple leads up to the waterfalls. The sparkling water from the falls is a sight to behold. We spent some time near the falls before heading further up to Shiva Cafe. On the way through some steep stairs, I came across a Rhododendron tree with crimson colored flowers. I was told that the flowers have a very distinct taste and are used with soda for a refreshing local drink.