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Rosy Paul Chowdhury
Hikkim - (Alt. 14,400 Ft.) - After leaving Komic it took around 15 mints for us to reach Hikkim which was down below the valley and 4 KM away (And 16 KM from Kaza). The attraction of this place is the functioning Post Office. This is the highest "Post Office of the World". One cannot miss the opportunity to bring back the essence of writing few lines in the age of typing electronic messages and send it to the people matters the most. Many of my Friends and Family wanted to have this experience and the Post Office didn't disappoint them. Though it takes quite a bit of time to reach the letters to the recipients (for me few are yet to be delivered after 1.5 months of the Trip) so set the correct expectations while stamping your own Postcards (If you wish). The fact is the Postman carries the letter on his shoulder and walks to Kaza then the letters get delivered to Delhi. I wonder how much efforts it requires and why despite being motorable, no vehicles are allocated to the staffs (matter of debate though).
Akshay Kumar
Digdarshinee Rout
5. Surprise your loved ones by sending your favorite postcard from the world’s highest Post office-Now Just imagine, how happy your loved one will feel when he/she will receive a postcard from the world’s highest Post office? Hikkim, located 2 km from Komic is an isolated yet beautiful region containing a cluster of small scale villages that has a tiny post office called as world’s highest Post office.Take pride to visit there, interact with the postmaster if he is available and click pictures to bomb your social media’s with gratification. The locals come here to deposit money in their savings account. On the way to the post office, we met so many locals and we shared a few moments to remember. We laughed, we interacted and clicked pictures. And guess what, they taught me to make 'V' with two fingers.But the post office was closed when we reached as it was some festival going on that day. And we came to know that there are two postmen who walk on foot to Kaza to deliver all mail daily, then from Kaza, the mail is carried to other cities of Himachal Pradesh further.#tripoto #spiti valley #travelblogger
Soham Chakraborty
From Langza, we went on to Hikkim, the village that boasts of the highest post office in the world. Here as well, we had a gala time with the local children and we posted postcards to our homes from the highest post office in the world! Next up, we headed towards Komic which is the highest motorable village in the world, a record that was previously held by Kibber which we were to visit the following day. In Komic we felt like we were on the top of the world at 14,000 ft. Here are some photographs of the beautiful children of Spiti!
akanksha siwach