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Bhagwan Das
शनिवार दोपहर को मनाली से जगतसुख की टैक्सी लेकर अपन पहुँच लिए हर्ष भाई के घर. कुछ 15 मिनट तक बिलकुल मेन सड़क और जैसे ही आप सड़क से नीचे गली में आते हो – एकदम से दुनिया बदली दिखेगी. मनाली के शोर-शराबे से दूर, सेब के पौधों और गुलाब, गेंदे से लदी गली से होते हुए, हर्ष भाई हमें लेकर आए अपने घर. – Lagom Stay.पूरा यात्रा वर्तान्त यहाँ पढ़े Bawray Banjaray
Abhinaw Chauhan
Jagatsukh was the former capital of Manali and presently is the biggest village in Kullu district. Its main claim to famous for it’s Gaurishankar Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Jagatsukh can be easily reached by taxi from Manali. Approximate driving distance between Jagatsukh and Manali is 7 kms or 4.3 Miles. Jagatsukh, which is well known for its old temples, houses a Shikhara style built Shiva temple, also known as Jagatsukh Shiva Temple. This temple is surrounded by picturesque valleys and lofty snow-clad mountains that look even striking during the winters. Other than being a Hindu pilgrimage site, this place is a perfect honeymoon destination and a lot of tourists visit this spot to enjoy the wholesome beauty of the place.
Stuti Gupta
CO-ART '18 is an Art Entrepreneurship Project (29 SEP - 2 Oct) organised in Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh. Co-Art '18 is first of its kind getaway in the mountains with a vision to germinate the entrepreneurial seed inside the Artist in you.​
Vaibhav Gangrade
The Lost Tribe HostelWe reached The Lost Tribe hostel, and made our way inside. The common living room was well heated up, and we crashed here even without checking in. When we were warm enough, we went to our room and freshened up. 
Himani Khatreja
Jagatsukh to Buggi meadow (3.5 hours)