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Abhi Panwar
I reached at Rampur busher bus stand at 5 :am in morning..although I supposed to be tired..being bus ordinary and the roads bumpy throughout the way...but my whole tiredness went out as I stepped down from bus..the kalkalkal sound of holy satluj river and cool breezeing air..just make all the passengers refresh..after getting deboard there i have to find a taxi..though one dont need to find them ., they are always there..and now i became we from that place as i found more devotee there..including a saint or baba ..we just say boom shankra and started our yatra..to jaon village..where the trek goin to start..Around 8:30 we reached at jaon village..by crossing, baghipul on the way..the whole area and day was picturesque ..we all have been in to trans in to the sound of satluj river throughout our way..Around 9:30 we started our yatra ..it was a 35-40 km trek one side..as told by other yatris found on the way..the trek starts beautifuly ..The first base camp was at nirmand about -4 km trek from jaon village..the sound of om namah shivay ???? was passing like a chain of mantras throught the trek..the whole trek was shivmay..and we all filled with excitement..Around 11 we reached at nirmand and registered ourselves in 150 rs..as yatra was official during 15 to 30 July..and facilites like medical camps available at points or padavs..and langars were also there for yatris for some food and tea.It was 7:pm now ..and i am restless from 2 days so ofcourse being trek very steep it’s natural to get tired..so ofcourse its rest time
Gaurav Pal