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Rajat Kumar
In next one hour, we reached Jari. There Alex met his friends who were already there in a hotel. Bhawani and Awa, they both were working in Spice Jet. They were staying at Mannat Home Stay. We booked a big sized room and we four, I, Shalini, Alex and Hies stayed there while Bhawani and Awa had their room already there. The room costed 1400 INR and it was divided in four of us which was very cheap. Single cost was priced at 700 INR. So, we stayed in the big room. I tell you the rooms at Mannat were really amazing. The views out of the windows, were damn picturesque. I just wanted to sit there and look outside...
Pulkit Prashant
after reaching jari , you have to take cab for malana , which costs RS 900 , before leaving, me and kartik went to a local grocery shop and bought everything necessary required for the trip (food , drinks , band aids , etc ) , i went to an ATM and took out cash because you won't get any ATM while going to malana after jari. The ride from jari to malana village is amazing , full of blind cuts and the view , the view !!! here is a short clip ;) jari to malana village
Away from all the chaos of Delhi, I was sitting in the car with windows opened as if the cold breeze kisses my face…The cool sensation raises goosebumps on my skin, and the sweet taste of the sun rising, fills my breath… Traveling along with my fambam, With Parvati river flowing beside us, Welcome winter 2k19!Snow Drifting: Full Power!
DeepAnwita Nandi
BHUNTAR to JARI TRANSPORTATION COST: Bhuntar to Jari - 35 INRI had to take a Bus from Bhuntar to Jari so that I can reach Malana. I got to know by the locals that you cannot travel Malana directly. I had to take a car/cab from Jari to reach Malana. The roads to Malana are quite jittery and broken, so it's not possible for a bus to go there. Even people going there riding their bikes have hard times.- I reached Jari in 1 and a half hours- There was a cab booking stand - They have a government issue chart for Cab fare. Hence you cannot negotiate.- Once you book your cab for 850 INR, you can manage any number of travellers with you to share your fare.- They take you to Malana and wait for your return for next 4 hours.- If you get late they charge you extra per hour.- There are combo packs too, i.e. you can choose to go anywhere after Malana - but the fares vary then.
Harshit Doshi
To head towards Manala the best way to reach is get down at Jari. Bhuntar to Jari is 30mins or 20 kms. The hrtc bus charged us Rs. 30/-While talking to the bus conductor how to reach Manala for cheap he told us,"There are 3 more people who are getting down at jari. So you guys join them and take a taxi to Manala your share would be less."This was something really helpful. We got down at Jari and i spoke to the 3 guys who got down at jari.While talking to them i asked their plans and shared mine.They were from Chandigarh. Rohit aka nannu pedlar, Pradeep aka pebe and Saurav.There is a taxi union at jari where they have fixed price chart for different places with car price.We were 5 so we booked a sumo for Rs.1300/- single journey. As we decided to stay in Manala.Babu bhai- 07807810700Who manages the taxi union department at jari.