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Dipanjan Mukherjee
In the late evening, we reached Jwalamukhi, checked in to our hotel and headed back to the famous Jwalamukhi temple.
Social Butterfly
Jawala Ji or Jwala devi temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of India. Mata Jwala Ji Devi Temple is situated in the #Kangra district of #HimchalPradesh #India Jwala Ji is a Devi Temple Dedicated to the “ GODDESS OF LIGHT”, ???? it’s Famous because of flame burns flawless and in blue colour.It is burning continously since first date of its known history. There is no knowledge of its source. Some says it could be reserve of natural gas but same could not be validated. But people believe that it’s a blessing of Maa Jawala ji.
Aakanksha Magan
Jwalamukhi Temple is another shaktipeeth, located around 16km from Château Garli. As per the Hindu mythological tales, Sati's tongue fell off here, while Lord Vishnu was cutting through her carcass. The temple contains a copper conduit emanating natural gasses, which is lit by the priest to form a faultless blue flame.
Matrika Prasad
Jwala Ji Temple is famous for its Non stop flame that is burning from Forever. Some Say there is a natural gas source beneath which has kept it burning. According to Hindu Mythology Sati Mata's clothes fell here ans when they fell,they were burning and burning ever since.
Aastha Garg
Endless mysterious fire erupting from rocks, a famous place for worship in hindu mythology with an even engaging story behind the holy fire.