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I took my leisure time to explore the place; the stairs led me to a small shop which offered tea and snacks. The lip smacking hot beverage with the view of the towering and immaculate Pir Panjal range fulfilled my day in the ways even I can’t describe. I wish I could stay here for long! I never felt so satisfied and complete from any trip I ever went to!It was surreal to describe in one word. On our way back to hotel, I stopped by St. John’s Church, located at Gandhi Chowk.
The snow clad log hut of “Lootera” Fame – with the one-leafed tree and kaccha trails. A sight so pretty, you would wish to make that your home for as long as you live.. The kaccha trails take you through dense conifers and sunlight grass-carpeted glades. 3 km of heavenly beauty as you peer straight up to try and locate the tree tops. And the forest rest house – English charm oozing with secluded benches and well-manicured velvety lawns, bordered by tall deodars. Narrow stone pathways leading you to the backdrop view of the Pir panjals.I admire the cottage with wishful eyes as I pledge to plan a short holiday just too stay in this hut – maybe sometime in winters when a blanket of snow would transform it. Soaking in the timeless charm and the “one-leafed” tree (which by now has many leaves and not one), I could have spent many hours just sitting there. However, with a heavy heart I bid adieu to the beautiful place, not before putting in a silent promise of being back! We then headed to Punchpulla, a wooden bridge and ancient waterfall and a cute pup gave me company and a perfect end to Day 1 at Dalhousie.