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Saransh Ramavat
Anshul Sharma
Shiva Kumar Bashetti
While I have always been a wannabe pathfinder who uncovers hidden gems and presents them to the world, the fact is that it is becoming exceedingly tough to find a really pristine location. In fact there are far too many of my kind nowadays and I sometimes wonder if I am adding any value to this field at all. Nevertheless, I was glad when I stumbled on Karsog. Of course a few travelogues were already there on the blogosphere but still I can say that it was relatively “virgin”.
I always like to visit offbeat and hidden destinations where there is not much tourist rush. My search often led me to some very beautiful places. When I was in Shimla after ticking off my list to visit the famous hill station, I was looking for some lesser known destination where I could spend my time peacefully amidst nature. That is when I chanced upon Karsog Valley. Karsog is situated around 100 km from Shimla at an altitude of 1407 metres. It has all the beauty of the lower Himalayas and the pace of life is refreshingly slow here. Once at Karsog, I was mesmerized by the simple, yet spellbinding beauty of the place.