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KheerGanga Waterfall - Half way

Sumedha Dogra
The rain was still ongoing and we decided to move forward not letting that flood get to us so easily. We were desperate to reach Kheerganga any how. By the time we reach the middle point after crossing 3 waterfalls on our way, it was already getting evening and locals advised us to stay over night as it was dangerous to trek in dark moreover the weather was not at all favorable. So we stayed at the cafe at might point. The owner, Ajay, a wonderful person gave us shelter for the night and treated us with hot and spicy meals too. Thanks to him we regained our energy and looked forward to the rest of the trek.We began our trek in the morning around 10 am after having our breakfast. We were already warned by Ajay and his team that last night there were some landslides leading in damaging the route to kheerganga. He asked us to be careful while we trek towards it.The trek was difficult and that was the beauty about it. The only thing that was keeping us going forward was the exotic beauty around us the whole time.
Kheerganga is a beautiful trek which allows you to feel the nature in and out on its whole journey. Kheerganga is certainly not only a destination but a journey through forest ,waterfalls & villages. You get to see so many beautiful walks & waterfalls like these on the way to kheerganga.For those who say Kheerganga is easy or moderate , tell me tell you its neither easy nor moderate . It lies between moderate and difficult.Make up your mind and DO it ! Its gorgeous ! but not an easy one ! CHECKOUT THE SCENERY , ARCHITECTURE & VILLAGE EN-ROUTE PICTURES BELOW
Ishita Uppal
We finally started our trek at 11. I basically divided the Kheerganga trek into three parts. The first is from the starting point uphill till the village Nakthan which also has a number of cafés. A lot of trekkers stop here for refreshments. The village is typical of actual life in a Himachali village. We had a fifteen minutes break and started off after having some Gatorade (It is moral support, of course) and bananas. This first part of the trek was not very tiring may be because it was just the start. The second part of the trek was from Nakthan to Rudranag. This was easy and not very draining with both high and low slopes. We passed through various water streams and even filled our water bottles from one of them. The water was extremely cold and refreshing. We reached Rudranag at around 1:30 p.m. where we were delighted to spot a waterfall. We took a longer break here and didn’t miss the opportunity of taking pictures for that dope Instagram profile. We tried relaxing our feet in the water which to our surprise was ice cold. My brother couldn’t handle it and stepped out instantly which obviously provided me with opportunity for more pictures to be clicked by him. We stepped out from the waterfall area and ran into two of my brother’s friends in whose company we carried on the remaining trek. We started from Rudranag to realize that the real trek has just begun. The slope gets real steep after Rudranag and it is mostly a rocky path where you are prone to skid with every step. The path is full of sand that makes it even tough not to slip and is more of a challenge while coming down. Some places you even need to climb the bigger stones where there are no steps. We thought we were almost done but on enquiring we realized there were three more kilometres to go, the toughest ones for the energy was almost drained. Also we had our bagpacks on and a tent along with another side bag and camera. Being normal bagpacks and not a rucksack, our shoulders were strained even more. Taking several one minute power breaks, we finally reached the top at 4:30 in the evening. Although our initial plan was to get into the water springs as soon as we made it to the top, we had no energy for the same. So we found a suitable spot for the tent and crashed into it with no idea of anything else in the whole damn world.
Ashfaque Hussain
White WalkingThe most exciting yet the most difficult part of the trek begins. One wrong step and you'll be a victim to George R.R. Martin. Know that there won't be a Melisandre to resurrect you Jon Snow! In summer, it is one of the most pleasant routes to be, but it is winter we are talking about. We moved slowly trying to find a grip in the icy-snow. The terrain became worse with an unexpected blizzard that hit us high. Fortunately, we had rain jackets and lowers to keep us dry. Unluckily, we had missed bringing gloves and we could feel the sub-zero temperature tearing our skins and bones. Till the time we reached the top, it went nearly -25 degrees Celsius. The place was covered in 18 inches of snow. Unable to find a camping ground, we had to retreat shortly. It took us more than 2:30 hours to reach Nakthan and find a warm shelter amidst the unending snow. I don't have enough pictures for this section as we were busy staying safe.
Kunal Ahuja
I have never seen a sight so beautiful. The sound of water resonated in my heart. The snow capped mountains on Christmas morning added to the aesthetics of the trek.#TripotoShoots