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Khir Ganga

Chamkaur Singh
Almost two years back I went for trip to Parvati Valley with my friend and it was a trip which I can not forget through out my life. We went for a trek to khir ganga which a beautiful place in the lap of nature.How to reach?To reach Khir ganga there are two ways. First option is by bus. The volvo AC buses run on regular intervals form Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar.Second option is by air. There are daily flights from Delhi to Bhunter which is nearest airport.From Bhunter one can take taxi or bus to Barsheni Which is trek start point.From Barsheni there are two trek trails. One through Nakthan Village and Other through KALGA. The trail through Kalga is much more scenic than Nakthan one.But we choose to go through Nakthan as there was no one to guide us.
Nitin Kumar
Now we want to go khirganga, we kick our bike nd start our journey nd reached khirganga after one and half hours,we park our bike nd start our trekking, it was very special for me to listen music of river waves, czz this was mah 2nd time, I don't want to waste mah time for trekking nd as we want to go back for Manali, we kick our bike and start our journey for Manali, at 10PM. Temp was -7°, but we were riding continues. Finally we reached our hotel.
The Traveller
Good Morning at Kheerganga with the most famous and sacred place over here the Holy 'Parvati Kund' or in other words Natural Hot Water Spring. Interesting fact about it is the Water is hot naturally but then some white sediments come out along with the water, which led to turn the place to be called as KHEER GANGA. After breakfast we trekked down and back to Kalga. But after a patch of 3 kms I went alone through the long way of Nagthan instead of going with my cousins. It was a long and tiring stretch but it was bliss and I got to know my limits and pushed myself hard to keep walking through those mountains for 15 kms under direct sunlight. It's all in your brain guys. Stay hydrated throughout the trek and always have GINGER LEMON HONEY TEA in the morning to give it a kickstart.
The Traveller
So the day came! Kheerganga on mind! Motivated, Relaxed, Chilled and full on excited. As they say- "How's the Josh? High Sir" Kheerganga is 12 kms from Kalga Village, the trek is challenging and people take around 5 hours to trek up to Kheerganga. We TRIPPLIN did it in 3 hours and 40 minutes. First 2 hours we trekked 8 kms but the last 4 kms patch was deadly and exhausting. It was slippery from Kalga. People can trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga via Nagthan Village, which will be 15kms of trek. I came back this way though!
Pulkit P
KHEERGANGAKheerganga lies at the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last inhibited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Kheerganga's panoramic skies and greenery are a much-needed delight to a trekker's eyes and especially the tired legs. It is a holy place with a small temple of Lord Shiva, the place tells you the story of Lord Shiva meditating on these hills and incidents related to him. We took a cab from tosh village nala to kheerganga trekking point , the DAM. this route is a little difficult as we were supposed to trek through the forest. Complete journey is accompanied by the Parvati river.