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Digdarshinee Rout
Komic is good 18 km from Kaza. It is an unpaved and uphill dirt track. You can hire a taxi or you can hitchhike( taking lift from strangers) and the journey promises to offer some breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and Spiti river down the hill.You can ask your driver to stop so that you can enjoy the view a little more.As you reach Komic, You can take rest in the world’s highest monastery, i.e the Tnagyud Monastery. This color-coordinated beautiful monastery allows redeeming your soul as you hear the prayers going on.You can spot a large stuffed Leopard as you enter the monastery. Also you can see a lot of Tibetan wall murals as you move forward. Holy freaking right? Just in the vicinity is the world’s highest restaurant called-Spiti’s organic Kitchen run by the locals. You can order your thukpa - Spiti’s delightful local dish.Discover the delightful Thukpa in Spiti’s local organic kitchenThough we ordered veg Maggi and enjoyed every bit and sip of it immersing ourselves into the beauty of the spellbinding village. Then we interacted with other tourists -one I remember was a handsome foreigner who was on the mission of a world tour with his hot girlfriend. And they were hitchhiking. Oh gosh, I was so inspired by them.How does it feel like to play cricket at the highest point with the llamas?Then, we took a few pictures with cute fluffy doggies who can heal you with their cuteness. After worshiping our stomach(finishing our food), we headed to the huge playground right in front of the restaurant. And we played cricket with our whole group. Omg, I am going down into memory lane now, it’s still so fresh. It was so much fun and it gave a little relief to my altitude sickness as well.Then we head to click pictures at the signboard which said”Worlds highest motorable village” Headed to Hikkim next which brings us to our next point.
Sounak Roy
Nayan Khandelwal
Leena S.
....This also happens to be the highest village in Asia with a motorable road!
Sukhpal Singh
Then, we went to Komic(4587 meters), which is the highest village connected to motorable road. There is also a famous Tangyud monastery. We took a halt for some time and had our lunch in Komic.