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Langza - Komic - 13 km (45 mins)*According to HPPWD, Komic (15050 ft) is the highest village in the World connected with the motorable road with a population of nearly 114.
Kumar Vikram
“Please give us three Seabuckthorn tea”, I ordered at Spiti organic kitchen which they claim to be the world’s highest restaurant. This tea has a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidants. However, different people consume it for different reasons. Like, I was hungry and just wanted to taste it after hearing so much about it. And the taste was just awesome – sour orange with a hint of mango in it. I couldn’t stop myself from reordering.
Rosy Paul Chowdhury
As we started ascending, the previous days dark landscapes were clearer now. These landscapes were way more different from what I have witnessed since childhood. No clutter of big hotels or hoardings. Only our eyes could be bothered with the glistening gallery of the river basin and never ending ethereal ranges.We could see some locals and enthusiastic backpackers walking there way up to reach their destinations. We even gave lifts to some of them and shared their experiences. While sharing rides we met solo Indian lady mountaineer who almost walked through Spiti to explore the place. Also, met people from Armenia, Germany coming all the way along and wondering in the valley.
Ganesh Murthy
Another long day of riding and driving awaited us, for we had to visit many places starting with Komic. Perched at an altitude of 15,050 above msl, Komic is the highest village in the world. Only 114 people live in this tiny village and the place offers some phenomenal views as well.
Akshay Kumar
Komic - “Highest village in world connected with motorable road”. Komic which literally means “eye of a snow cock” ( Ko – snowcock , mic – eye), is a remote village in Spiti valley. It is situated at an height of 4587 metres or 15027 feet above sea level. Like most of the villages in Spiti valley, most of the residents of Komic practice Budhism.Now where is Komick Village ? And is the highest village of the world reachable ?Komcik Village is in Lahaul and Spiti district of Northen indian state of Himachal Pradesh . There are two ways to reach to Komick ; either by Shimla or by Manali . Distance from Delhi to Komcik is around 772kms. The village is connected well by roads and buses , bikes and cars commute there.Places of Interest in Komick-Komic Lundup Chemmo or the Tangyud Monastery is one of only two monasteries in Spiti valley, belonging to the Sakya sect. Tangyud monastery is one of the highest monasteries in India. It is also one of the oldest monasteries in the valley.You can have nice meal at the world highest restaurant over there . Talk to the monks , spend your time watching the dense clouds hovering over the snowclad mountains .I will share a minute video at the highest billage of the world. Hope you guys plan your trip there soon.