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Langza Buddha Statue

Dinesh Kumar
We woked up early in the morning and our breakfast was packed, we reached Langza village and experienced the charm of village, few houses that can be counted over fingers. Village is situated at an altitude of 4400 meters It is surrounded by green pastures, snow-clad mountains and barren landscapes It houses a population of approximately 137 people, who are dependent on agriculture and business for their livelihood. Major Attraction of Langza Village is the statue of Lord Buddha, overlooking the valley, an ancient monastery, and mud houses.Then we headed towards Hikkim and Komic.
Niyaj Kureshi
We also played volleyball with the monks which was amazing . After that we returned to Langza, where resides the highest statue of Buddha. We decided to homestay at Langza. Our driver took us to Sonam home stay. She was really welcoming and greeted us with a warm tea. The climate at langza was really harsh. The level of oxygen was really low.
Sharayu Bafna
We reached Kaza in the evening, after getting some sleep the next morning we did set out to explore the Lahul & Spiti district. The first on the list was, The Buddha Statue at Langza. It was nothing less than spectacular.The next we went to Hikkim and Gette. The world's highest post- office is in Hikkim, located at 15,500 ft. I did sent out a postcard to a friend and also a long letter to my Brother.Gette was another beautiful place that I wouldn't miss out for anything in the world. A scene from the Movie, Highway was shot right here.
Saumya Jain
• Early morning go to Komik and Hikkim.• Visit Tanggyud monastery and Worlds Highest Post Office.• Come back to Langza (if you can then trek back, it takes only 3 hours if your speed is good)• You can either leave for Kaza and stay overnight or spend one more night at Langza.