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Prakhar Khantwal
Located at a height of 3029m, in the vicinity of Deo Tibba & Chandrakhani peaks , Malana has around 400 households . It's is also believed to be probably the oldest democracy in India .The village is famous for its Hash/Charas & it's  story of origin which many of you might have already read somewhere on the Internet.  However i was lucky enough to know more about both of them . In a conversation with Mr.Durga Raam , he said that the story of their orgin from Alexander is nothing but a Hoax spread on the Internet and since the tourist barely talk to the locals , they never get to know that it is nothing more than a Hoax . He told us that their god ( Jamlu Rishiji Maharaj ) never let the army of Alexander cross the peak of Chandrakhani and thus not letting them enter the village . The locals have an unbreakable faith in their god and are really nice and warm to talk to . According to Mr.Durga Raam they do follow the cast system and have adopted it as their culture and hence the low cast people are still not allowed to touch them nor their homes.  In spite of all these rules i found people to be helpful and they treat everyone in a good manner many of the people even shook hands with me and it didn't seemed problematic at all . The people are really sweet and dependent on their cannabis plantations for earning their livelihoods since it is the only crop they can generate revenue from among Cabbage , Peas and Potatoes . Everything else including oil , salt , spices , other vegetables are brought through cable carts . The life is undoubtedly tough up their but these people still manage to survive and retain their goodness which is rare to find in the cities nowadays . It is a must go destination for everone who seeks to adore the beauty of Nature and it's my humble request to not create any  mess in such a peaceful place free from the conspiracies of our city lives. ...#peace #Himachal #vsco #travel #wanderlust