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After spending a night at Kaza we headed to our next destination "Mud". A village that offers the most scenic view. Martini was disappointed but his mood changed with this view :)
The bus left from Peo to Kaza at around 7am in the morning. The route today was going to change as we had entered the cold barren mountain valley of Spiti. It took us 8 hrs to reach Kaza via Nako , Tabo which are equally traveler paradise but we had to leave it until next time. Just before entering Kaza, two backpackers from Israel boarded the bus. They were hitch-hiking all the way to Spiti. They would keep walking on the road until next bus/vehicle would provide them lift in this remote place. We reached Spiti by around 3pm. Anshul Rawat, owner of Spiti Outdoor, a fine gentleman who despite running his own very excellent tour agency, helped us in finding alternative cheaper option in terms of bike and hotels. With his help we got a Pulsar for our road trip in Spiti from a nearby shop owner. And we went ahead to our next destination, Mud the same day. Mud is last village at the end of Pin valley with scenic settlement. The road to Pin valley diverges even before reaching Kaza, so we need to return backward and then took a turn to enter the Pin Valley. Here again in the route we met the same Israeli hitchhikers waiting for the next bus to drop them to Mud. We had a little chat and selfie and after wishing them luck, went ahead. The road was non-existent at many places with rough patches but somehow the allure of the journey and fear of impending darkness kept us going. We reached there well in time and roamed around the green farms in otherwise very tiny settlement. Easily it is one of the most gorgeous place I had ever been to and what added the charm was sighting of milkway at midnight. Yes, after my ladakh trip I had this agony of not able to had a perfect sky gazing that these high altitude offer but was blessed here in Mud. In middle of night around 3am I awoke my cousin amidst cold weather to try our luck. And boy! we were rewarded for our courage. There in complete dark sky, dense cluster of stars formed a full arch of milkyway above us. And soon I noticed one shooting star and my cousin another and I another. Suddenly for few seconds there happened a shower of star shooting across the sky, that left us gawking for what magic enfolded in front of us in those seconds !
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Soham Chakraborty
We travelled the last bit of our journey today and reached Pin Valley National Park. We stayed at a homestay in Mud Village. Mud has no phone connectivity and gets pretty cold at night, being at 12,500 ft. We had some maggi and thukpa, obviously accompanied by chai and stayed out of our homestay for some astrophotography. Here is a snap taken by my friend Kushpreet who was with me in the trip.
Rahul Nath
The next day is our last day. All our tiredness has gone and we start fresh towards our last stop, Mudh. It is a beautiful village and is often called the last village of Spiti Valley. We move mainly along dry trails. It is cold,dusty yet beautiful. We reach reach Mudh in the late afternoon among jolly vollages. Mudh is a small village with spectacular views of Spiti Valley.