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Day 1: Ahmedabad - Naggar (Manali)*I am basically from Ahmedabad. Our journey to Dreamland was started in Jammu Tavi Express (19223) from Ahmedabad. Skipping that 2 days of train I am starting from Manali.
Batal - Rohtang Pass - Manali - 125 km (7 hours)*We left from Batal in half an hour. With dangerous road cum stones we passed through Gramphu & Chhatru reached Rohtang Pass in 4.5 hours and had small halt.*We reached Manali around 9:30 pm.Day 6: Naggar - Solang Valley - Manali - Ahmedabad
Abhinaw Chauhan
High on the east side of the Kullu Valley, sleepy Naggar was once capital of the Kullu kingdom and is perhaps the most charming village in the Kullu valley. Unlike rest of the Kullu valley’s major town located by river Beas, Naggar is ensconced high up in the mountains and has some best views to offer like Naggar Castle, the Roerich Museum and other stone and wooden Temples. Russian painter and explorer Nicholas Roerich liked it so much he settled here in the early 20th century. It's an easy day trip from Manali, but with interesting sights and fine walks including the Chandrakani Pass trek to Malana in the Parvati Valley, and some good guesthouses and restaurants, it's a fine place for a few days' Peaceful and relaxing stay. You should explore Naggar on foot there’s no better way. There are several chai shops (Tea shop) where you could rest your feet and guzzle tea or apple juice, the signature drink of Himachal.
The next day we were going to explore a virgin waterfall uphill the Naggar village. The walk to the waterfall was full with the views of the Himalayas which were breath-taking and forced me to stop and gasp at them.
We decided to move from Nagger at 3pm so that we can hit the highway and reach on time, Monday was on our head.So the delay started from the morning itself, We woke up late, Breakfast late so does the packing stuff. Soham’s home-stay got one of the best pancakes I guess and we loved the Nutella one, in short breakfast was amazing.We headed towards the castle in noon kinds, I have not really been an old building like this, It was built in 14th Century. It’s made of stone and wood, I could see minor correction in the main body it preserved well. The castle got everything as per the golden era an amazing wooden fitting staircase, Stoned walls, fire space, a basement few rooms where we were not allowed to enter.Partial part of the castle is converted in the guest house and Himachal tourism is taking care of that, I could get a chance to sneak peak in one of the traveller’s room I was impressed to see wooden bed covered with sheer curtains -cupboard with hand graved design and that large round mirror with stones around – that’s how the castle’s room supposed to be I guess, we took almost 2 hours.I like the calmness of stone, I couldn't stop touching them, always feel a connection with them.We bought some souvenirs from the local market and went to the French bakery again had lunch and there we headed toward the base “Delhi”.On our way we stopped at few places, had dinner and tea.We reached Delhi around 830 after a stretch of almost 12+ hours.To conclude, I have read lot road trips and I did many too, but this time it was quite out of my comfort zone, lot of things were coming to my mind but i was glad we made it without any hassal .......I always have some lessons learnt from my trips ...-Travelling safe will always give you a chance to travel again. Life is full of adventures not necessary to go forcefully for that.-Choose a good driver if all girls are travelling at night. He should be a gentleman should not interfere in each of your conversation, He should know where to stop the car if you are tired of seating.-Hotel booking can be done on the spot or well in advance that’s not really the matter.-You would always give most of your time to nature especially when you are in mountains but there will be always that one thing in the list which will remain untouched. Try and abide with your travel itinerary and time.That Monday was quite hectic as almost the whole night I was awake so does Garima. I could sleep only for an hour when we entered in Delhi. Henceforth I decided to take a post-holiday off and write a blog on the same its already on Tripoto .I loved the places and different culture we saw, not all mountains are the same, not all gives you same experience. Every trip I do, I learn – I live, I remember, become and storyteller.Soon you will hear about Pathankot-Dalhousie-Khajjar, New mountains, new stories.Till then keep travelling!LoveAJ