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anshul akhoury
Nagini to Choi Waterfall Trek Another of my favorites, this 30 minutes hike from Nagini Village. There is a well defined trail leading upto the waterfall where you can spend your evening and return the same day.The sad part Tirthan Valley has become a victim of irresponsible tourist activities. In last two years, the number of plastic waste, empty beer bottles and leftover food has simply gone up the peak. Despite a UNESCO protected region, there is no one to make sure that the mountains stay the way they are supposed to be. There are cleanup drives in the valley that offer trekking activities in return of volunteers bringing plastic waste. This is also a great way to explore the beautiful Tirthan and generate some good Karma.Intrigued by Tirthan Valley? Let WanderOn take you on a trip to this incredible destination that you'll never forget at just ₹6,000. Find all details here.   
Ankit Sood
One of the best ways to experience Tirthan is by doing a village homestay . There is no place like home. We all aspire to have a home in the hills, along a beach, in a remote village, a small cottage with a lawn and a kitchen garden to feast on, an open space for our pets to run around. Well, Homestays offer that very experience of unwinding in a lovely setting as guests to warm, friendly people, who have opened their traditional as well as modern homes to guests. Scattered in various parts of the Tirthan Valley they are a great introduction to the culture of a region and a great option for an extended budget stay. Experience the best in hospitality with a personalized attention to detail for a great travel experience.
Riya Poojary
Far from the jolting crowd, this little fairy-tale village of Nagini is situated on the banks of Tirthan River. This utterly quaint village surrounded by shades of blue, is a great place to relax. The Himalayan Trout Camp is located here. Walk around to explore the native homes and soak in the simplicity. If you get a chance, go further up to the picturesque hamlet of Gushainia. Enjoy a musical soirée with the locals. The evening will turn much more delightful than you anticipated, even before you realize.