Nagri 1/undefined by Tripoto


Soniya Kanchan
This story begins on 8th May, I landed in Delhi from Bangalore to begin a new journey. I was starting a new project where I had to work and stay with 5 complete strangers in Himachal Pradesh. We moved from Delhi around 4 Pm, just after I met them for the first time. After that, for 9 hours it was just us, music and the road. Just when we started driving in the mountains, our car got punctured. Well, it was dark but I believe it was a pretty amazing spot. Under the moonlight so bright, and the music coming from the villages we stood near a tree with the view of the village in front of us. It was an hour before we were back on the road but it was an experience I will not forget, and at that moment I realized it was going to be an amazing journey. By the time we reached Palampur, our destination it was pretty late in the night. We crashed in the hotel waiting for the view to mesmerize us in the morning.