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Nako Lake

Chander Verma
We reached Nako around lunch time and the food at local dhaba was out of the world type. They served Rajma, Besan Pakoda Curry, Black Grams with rice. Nako is famous for its natural lake, which was not really an attraction this time around due to less water. However, we had a lovely walk around the lake and through piercing little streets of Nako village.
I walked up to the famous Nako lake which was a little ahead of the beautiful monastery that transported me into a different world altogether...a surreal experience, must say!We then drove towards Tabo - our destination for the day which was around 2 hours away...I was thrilled to know that this was a downhill drive into the plains; my breathing pattern was now getting consistent and I was slowly getting used to the low levels of oxygen.
Vikram Rawat
Small place with a lake. Good food but not much to do.