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Day 7 Kalpa to Pooh (75 km) 2825 mKnown as the Hind-Tibet road, this used to be an ancient route connecting India and Tibet for centuries. Pressing on, you’ll notice the landscape change. The greenery of Kinnaur falls behind, replaced by rocky mountains. You almost feel another world coming round the corner. The last 8 km of the day’s cycling will be a steep uphill ride to Pooh.
An adventurous ride
Prasenjeet Sadhu
An early wake by 6 and we started for Shimla. The roads were cleared and we were charmed by the greener Kinnaur valley mountains and the mighty Sutlej views throughout. We continued our conversations and it was more of a family know, having fought more than half the battle against the crazy weather.
Mayank Pathak
8) Depending on where you have reached, it is better to halt at Pooh village if it is nighttime and you did not secure a lift. You can try spending a couple hours at the beginning of the road to Pooh village just beside NH, as alot of vehicles cross here. Again, alot of vehicles be going to either 'Dubling', a village 3km from Pooh or the Army Camp located there. If you're lucky you'll reach Nako by night.
Kalyan Choudhury
Pooh has always been seen as a stop-over for travelers. Highly aspired tourists and riders has always neglected this hamlet due to highly exciting Leh. Not only that, but this village is also neglected due to lack of tourist felicities, stay and food. One fine day, I thought to document this small village and explore its potential. To my greatest surprise, I couldn't make out as why it has not drawn eyes until now. Pooh is so exciting, that I couldn't believe myself that this region is still not tourist friendly. Here, I bring you few breath taking moments from round the day, from different places in Pooh, which should definitely make you fall in love with this very place.