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Sanskar Raj
I got myself freshen up. Put my sweatshirt on ate food and started heading towards roghi village (6km) on foot. The famous suicide point is on the way.The roads were narrow, dangerous but damn sexy. It was like you are on the way to heaven. I wish i had a bike at that time.After walking one hour suicide point came ( Believe me its overrated) . People were taking pictures and selfies. Girls were taking selfies with the Royal Enfield/ KTM bikes they borrowed from bikers to take photos. And at same time police came started clearing that place as it is dangerous to stand there.
Asmita Bhattacharya
On entering Roghi, we could spot men picking apples and storing in the crates for export.
From Kalpa , Roghi village is about 3kms far.. the walk to Roghi village was captivating. As I started walking, the initial path to Roghi village was surrounded by apple orchards ( Ahhh ! Kinnaur Apples). To see apples freshly being plucked out of the trees...apples stacked in boxes ready to be transported to other states....few apple orchards in yellow orange shades... will surely be engraved in heart for as long as this soul has life. And yes, the blessing of eating Kinnaur apples freshly plucked ;).Walking by the curvaceous roads towards Roghi village all the while admiring the towering peaks of Kinner Kailash and to come across "Suicide Point" wherein Sutlej river down below looks like a blue necklace crowning the mountains with her glory was enchanting.
Sanmitra Mallick
Day 5: A walk from Kalpa to Roghi A true traveller's visit to Kalpa is incomplete without a walk in the morning to Roghi village, some 4kms away. So, there I was, the only one walking on the mountain road leading to Roghi and I must admit it was the most amazing and beautiful morning walk I had taken ever. The walk leads you through the Kinnaur ranges on your left, and a few turns with the shadows of Devdar trees doing the tricks with sunlight, a waterfall on the mountain in front of you and the fresh air. I took time to look around and feel the calmness of the road and was totally moved. On reaching the village, I got to interact with a few villagers who told me about the season of fruits and season of snowfall. They were very kind to drop me back to Kalpa by their own car. The people of Himachal are the kindest ones I have ever come across. :) You can find a little conversation with them here