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Rupin Pass

Sagar Pradhan
Day 8: Upper Waterfall camp (13,100 ft) to Rupin Pass (15,380 ft) via Rati Pheri, further on to Ronti Gad (13,100 ft); Approximately 10 hoursEmotions, pride, satisfaction, amazement !!!A day which will be ingrained in our minds and hearts so long as we are on our beloved planet Earth.Crossing the Rupin Pass was a process which had been initiated 5 months ago- right from registration, to daily exercise and healthy diet. It was an emotional moment for many and we could not control our tears.The valley too greeted us with one of its best views, as if congratulating us and warmly hugging us from coming all the way up to meet her.
About this Blog: For 25 years my life was all about parents, school, college, getting into IT job, growing in career, and spending most of my free time in front of computer. Life was mostly about daily commutes to office and binge watching TV series during weekends. Traveling, Trekking, and especially mountains transformed me into a happier and healthier person. In this blog I am listing those things which I would have never realized if I ended up staying busy in city life. Read - 13 Reasons why everyone should climb mountains and feel free to comment your thoughts.Rewind 3 years: I was a girl who was comfortable in her 9×5 job and used to spend most weekends at home. I also used to hike a nearby hills, volunteer at schools, travel to near by destinations and paint during free time. However Himalayas was still in the to-to-list. Now that I have spent 100s of days hiking through the mighty mountains and scenic valleys, I can vouch with certainty that mountains change you for good. Mountains will hold a mirror to those totally obvious things we have been overlooking for years. Mountains will allow us to escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life and presents us with an opportunity to slow down. Mountains stimulate the senses, calms the mind, and helps us to transform the chaos in to a sensible perspective.13 reasons why everyone should climb mountains1. Mountains and the Morning AirThe morning mood of the mountains is filled with an air of potential. Even if you are not a morning person you wake up early, fresh and calm. On mountains, everything seems possible, every summit looks approachable, and every difficulty becomes an adventure. On mountains you smile at the alarm clock and start your day with a cart load of positive vibes.
Sandeep Bisht
During the Rupin Pass trek, we had to climb up to 15,000 feet in -10 degrees Celsius. Along with us, we had porters and ponies to carry the heavy groceries and luggage. We also came across locals carrying heavy logs of wood to set up their shelters. The hard times these people and animals go through for tourists and trekkers like us is beyond our imagination. Learning to respect their gratitude is a realization and a traveler's responsibility.
Sarthak Ahuja
The StoryI was sent on this trek, on assignment, by Bikat Adventures ( as a part of my internship and at 16 years of age it was the best trip ever. How many 16 year olds do you know who have climbed an actual mountain, at 15,000 feet I was at the highest point in my life. The trek offers some of the best views, one could ask for. At some points of the trek it was almost as if I were in a foreign land or the sets of a Hollywood movie. This trek is a must for adventure freaks and photographers. Along with rough terrain the trek offers a ton of eye candy and no image can do justice the place. My attempts aren't even close to the first hand experience. The Rupin pass trails crosses between two states, Himachal and Uttrakhand. Rupin pass is one of those heavenly places that reignite your faith in the divine. The experience itself is enough to instill a new life into a corporate corpse.For a detailed itinerary and booking the trek for yourself please check out Bikat Adventure's Website(