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Serolsar Lake

Lovleen Kaur
On the wee hours of our second day, we checked into our next homestay - a treehouse by the river! As dreamy as it looked from the outside, the treehouse had a cute, cozy interior that led to a balcony offering a spectacular view of the river.Shortly after that, we rushed to take a taxi to Jalori Pass, which is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Jibhi. Jalori is the nearest mountain pass from Jibhi, located in the Kullu Valley. To reach there, one can also take a local bus, that runs every few hours, the first one starting at around 8:30 am. Our eyes were glued at the spectacular views as we winded through the treacherous turns to finally reach the Jalori pass. The journey took about 45 minutes. The pass offers two trails going in the opposite directions - a 6-km one leading to the Serolsar lake and another 3-km one leading to the ruins of the ancient Raghupur fort.We decided to, first, take the one leading to the Serolsar lake. The uphill journey began to unveil gradually as we carved our way through the realms of ice and rock, surrounded by dense forests. Overall, the trek was an easy one. However, the last kilometer was relatively tougher due to melted snow and occasional hailstorms. In about two and a half hours, we reached the Serolsar Lake, whose shimmering waters reflected the blue of the sky and green of the pine forest. The lake is said to be holy and is visited by numerous pilgrims from nearby villages.
The Wolf Girl
Once everyone started feeling 'okay' we started moving again. 5mins of downhill trek and there it was! The lake, pure and magnificent. Towards my left at a higher altitude was Mata ka Mandir and all around me there was this splendid aura that was wrapping around me. Its forbidden to enter the lake. We walked along the entire circumference of the lake. It started raining heavily and heavenly. I decided to get drenched in the rain and capture this moment. Every raindrop felt pure here. Every bird chirping felt like a melody. There was the sound of the breeze and the rain that felt like an orchestra. Indeed, it was nature's way of playing some music.We climbed up the stairs to the mandir and halted until the rain stopped. In the meantime, me and my friends tried 'bidi' for the first time (all credits to Aman bhayyia).Once the rain stopped, we climbed back to the place where we ate maggie, chocolates and tea. And the drill was repeated again. We also rolled some 'malana creme' (Hash). There is a different kind of fun when you trek after smoking up.On our way back laughters didn't stop, stories were narrated again, memories were made. My friend fell down on the staircase and we just couldn't stop laughing. Her ass was artistically covered with mud.Trekking back was also a task. The reason this trek is also difficult is because it requires mental stamina more than the physical stamina. On our way back we did make a few halts. In fact, plenty halts. We didn't rest at one place for more than 3-5mins (so that the body does not relax too much) but we did take breaks after every 20mins. Finally, we were back to the basecamp at 6pm.I was really hungry (didn't eat when we were at Serolsar). Maggie and chai it was.Soon we were back in our Traveller and was now heading back to the resort.The drive was exciting. Aman bhayyia is preparing for a Rally from past four years. He is planning to drive or race or journey on one of the most dangerous roads in the world - Shimla to Ladakh. His practice sessions are with people like us. It was quite exciting for me and my best friend. Others on the other hand did seem to be worried or concerned.On our way, Aman bought chicken for us to cook. Others stacked up their alcohol stash. We reached at around 9pm, refreshed ourselves and in the meantime the bonfire was lit. Some light music today with whisky drinks in hand.Me and my friends bumped into two Royal Enfield lads. There bike was a beauty. They were too I guess :D. A boomerang joint session with them, and we were set to stuff ourselves with loads of good food and great sleep.I resorted back into my room finding my friend soaking her feet in hot water. I joined her.We both rewinded our day and felt blessed to have experienced this. Tomorrow is the last day and we both knew we didn't want to go back to reality. This was a happy place. This is where our souls were at peace.Since me and my gang didn't plan to end it so soon, we decided to take a stroll in the night. At around 1am-2am we grabbed our cell phones, switched on torches and left to explore. I must say it was scary. We kept walking and suddenly felt something besides our legs. My friend screamed and when we looked around it was Jumpy! A sigh of relief and we knew now we are safe. Everything felt spooky and creepy at this hour of the night.Other dogs kept barking - a sign for Jumpy to stay away from their territory. Jumpy was on high alert and I think so were others. My other two girlfriends saw something and they decided to go back. I didn't see anything, and I totally believe they had gone nuts. We came back halfway to the resort and then had a huge discussion as to whether they were nuts or well they were idiots !Trekking makes you tired and you sleep within seconds. Day3 had officially ended for us.
S S (Saurabh Sabikhi)
Once upon a time, a Brahmin from a nearby village cam to visit a lake, named Serolsar Lake (also known as Saryolsar Lake), which is 5 kms of a walking distance from Jalori pass. While he was taking a stroll around the lake, he drowned himself.
Anmol Pathak
Serolsar is a beautiful lake amidst dense forest around jalori pass . It starts from the temple located near jalori pass market. One advice for people who plan to go for this trek is to carry enough water because you would not get water even up on the hill. Although there are few shops near the lake but you may find it close as well. So please prepare yourself accordingly.