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Shrikhand Mahadev

Laksh puri
Trek : Shrikhand MahadevDistance : 70 Kms ( Up/Down)State: Himachal PardeshDays : 5-7 DaysBest Time : July (15-30)Altitude : 5200mI never thought I would trek to the magical place “Shirkhand Mahadev”. In the year 2017, I finally decided to start one of the toughest treks of my life.I could feel the toughness of the trek on the starting two days when my group started trekking from Jaon to Thachru and next day to Bheemdwar. But we faced the biggest challenge when we had to overcome the low oxygen level and high altitude sickness and forward the trek to Shrikhand top.Looking over the toughness, I thought to stop at Nainsarowar and decide whether I’m heading forward or backward. With the name of Bholenath, I finally decided to go forward to the top. I crossed all the glaciers between Nainsarowar and Kailash with 3-4 degree temperature and about 17,000 feet altitude. After crossing the last glacier of 400 meters, I reached on the top.The moment I saw the Shrikhand Mahadev shivling in front of me, I couldn’t stop my tears of happiness. I stayed there for 30-35 min, captured all the magical happy moments in my heart and finally trekked down.
From Delhi isbt took a bus to Shimla bus stand.there after reaching Shimla bus stand in morning take a bus to Rampur which is around 150 Kms away from Shimla. Here the journey's first part to Nirmand village just after crossing Bhaghipul. From the start trek is quite tough it will start from lush green meadows and will end up at heavy snow and steep rocky mountains. First stretch will took to Thachru and in total it will be around 65-70 Kms up and down. So,if anyone planning to visit here must check the weather reports and also the best timings to be here is mid July to mid August as per govt. After clearing first stretch from Thachru comes Kali ghatti which is midway of two mountains and just a passage to cross over there's a tremendous view from Kali ghati which will definitely a lifetime opportunity to witness.Third point will be Bheemdwar which is a downside here porters and shepherds used to stay  because of the plain area here also the availability of sources. Final stretch from Bheemdwar is tough and time taking so it must start early in morning.So,from the trek will take to Parvati ghati and Kailash will be clearly  visible from here but journey's not yet end because at times it seems nearby and as closet you'll go there it seems to more far. So,never to loose hope because Shiva listen to everyone and cares for everyone just keep going and best of luck if anyone planning.Jai Shankar
Abhi Grover
few months ago i completed this trek cum pilgrimage upto the beautiful mountains of Shrikhand Mahadev in . We went there to touch our limits and came back with alot of memories, fulfillment and blissfulness.We trekked over so many glaciers and waterfalls which made this journey more fun. One side lush green mountains and other side snow clad Himalayas was just breathtaking. I Knew about Kedarnath ,kinner kailash, and some other Pilgrimages in India but Shrikhand Mahadev was in my top list .instagram : abhi__groverfb : Abhi GroverShrikhand Mahadev is one of the abodes of Lord Shiva and is considered as a pilgrimage place for Hindus.It is considered to be one of the toughest treks in India. Our Route was Chandigarh-shimla-Rampur-Bagipul-Jaon-Shrikhand Mahadev. Special thanks to Sunny singh and Gourav Kamboj for joining.
Sahil Singh
Nestled at an elevation of 16,913 ft, Shrikhand Mahadev is considered being another abode of Lord Shiva. According to legends, Lord Shiva took a form of 70 ft stone Shivling (presently known as Shrikhand) when a demon namely Bhasmasura wanted to test if the boon really works by testing it on the Lord. Interestingly, snow falls thick throughout the year but does not cover the Shivling. Trek to Shrikhand Mahadev passes through mist-laden forest and challenging Himalayan terrain. Since the trek is steep and there is low oxygen on the top, therefore it requires expertise level of trekking.