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Tattapani Chail Chowk New Road

Harshad gandhi
Situated about 25 kms from Naldehra and 50 kms from Shimla, Tattapani is an ideal spot for rafting newbies and enthusiasts alike. National Level rafting Competitions are held here and chances are your instructor would have contested here ! (Our Instructor was the winner of Last Year's Competition!) .The River Satluj is the perfect place for rafting offering different stretches varying from 5 km to 24 km, Offering Grade 3-4 rapids.The best option to go for 12 km which is a 2-3 hour experience - You have to use the paddles to control the Raft when you hit the rapids, which is difficult and exhilarating!! Most people visit Shimla for a Touristy experience, If you want to be one of the few who travel to explore - Visit Naldehra, Kufri, Fagu, Tattapani and make sure you have great company too ..!!Many people are not aware that river rafting is possible near Naldehra. Tattapani is famous for it's Hot Sulphur Springs but it also doubles up as a River Rafting destination . You will best experience it if you go in a Group , and enjoy the ride in the rapids of the water and the view of the gorgeous mountains around you . It is an experience on another level, Do Not miss this at any cost. This is one Ride, I promise you will never forget. So, when you are back at work, you will recreate the feeling and the adrenaline rush you got from this experience. It Costs around Rs. 750 per head-6 people in each raft. P.S. - Hire two Rafts , and race against each other if you are in a group , it's too much fun.
Sreshti Verma
Situated over 50 km from Shimla, Tattapani is an ideal spot for all level rafters. The Sutlej river flowing through Himachal Pradesh offers all level rafting grades. From Grade 1 in Sunni-Tattapani to Grade 4 in Naldehra-Tattapani, These stretches vary from 5 km to 24 km trail of Malgi to Chaba.