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The Clay Oven Restuarant

Clay oven is a quiet café located just 100 m from Mall Square on the Dharamkot Road. This place is a hidden treasure with down to earth staff and very relaxed seating. They have their own WiFi like other restaurants, and one can just sit and relax endlessly in this café. In a span of 2 days ended up here more than three times at different times. The rates are super economical, and the quantity is more than justified.ThukpaUndoubtedly the best thukpa in town. The serving was more than generous. The taste was spot on and didn't need to add anything else to make it better. The best part about thukpa is that it fills up your stomach fast and at the same time gives nutrition as well as it has a lot of veggies in it.Cheese Omelet with Tibetan BreadWe had a hearty breakfast here with Cheese Omelet, Peach Tea, Oreo Shake, and Tibetan Bread with peanut butter on our table. Indeed, it was a King style breakfast. Breakfast in Clay Oven should definitely be on every foodie to do list.Carpediem