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Zing Zing Bar

Puneet Kumar
The famous crossing at zing zing bar was a little flooded for around 50mtr long, but with a slight hiccup, I was able to get around that.
Puneet Kumar
In the lap of true nature.. Soon after Jispa, anything green in nature will start to disappear as we start to enter the cold deserts. On the amazingly treacherous road, we found various water crossings, two beautifully blue-green lakes, Deepak Tal and Suraj Tal and Zing Zing Bar was amazing.We were truely in the middle of Lands of fortunate misfortunes. We slipped once, got some grazes too, fought strong cross streams of death cold water, but there was nothing we didn't sign up for.
Pravesh Yadav
DAY 7- JISPA TO ZING ZING BARUFF! Another killing day. Gave up so many times. Basically it was 90% mental strength and 10% physical strength that was required for today. But every time somebody crossed me and gave a thumbs up I was again up and started riding. Most of the times people were shocked to see a female riding alone that too with 15kgs of extra weight on the cycle. Some advised me to take the bus till Leh . Some asked me about my group. Some even said I won't be able to do it. Lower Zing Zing Bar was the place I just fell on the ground and could not go any further and stopped a truck to drop me till upper zing zing bar. As soon as I reached upper zing zing bar I started vomiting and was shivering badly. The lady at the snow view point dhaba came to the rescue and did every possible thing she could manage to make me feel better.
Venu bairi
Sindhura B R
4th day Jispa to Zingzing Bar is one more difficult day of 30 km ride. on the 4th day, we feel to quit the expedition. But convinced ourself to push one more day and lets see what happen! We made a discussion that If it’s not possible for us on 5th day let’s catch a bus and move manali.