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Zing Zing Bar

Venu bairi
Sindhura B R
4th day Jispa to Zingzing Bar is one more difficult day of 30 km ride. on the 4th day, we feel to quit the expedition. But convinced ourself to push one more day and lets see what happen! We made a discussion that If it’s not possible for us on 5th day let’s catch a bus and move manali.
Pra Teek
Yes, I was very excited to be alive after what had happened last night. The picture below does not justify my excitement level at all (mainly because my friend's photography skills are awful).
Akriti Shukla
Jispa-Zing Zing Bar 14000 ft, 60 km- We woke up in the morning to the sound of rain outside. All my research and talks with experienced people had told me that we could expect rains the first three days and after that the chances of the heavens opening up were very slim. And yet there was no mistaking the sound of a steady drizzle. We geared ourselves against the rains with wind cheaters and the likes and we were off, ready to face this new challenge. With Jispa, we left behind some other things as well- settled civilisation, vegetation cover, and mobile signals. That day, apart from the rains, we also faced the challenge of climbing up on kaccha tracks, though it was not very long. We reached Deepak Taal in Patseo which had a board claiming that on a bright sunny day, the lake mirrors its surroundings. We, however, could not verify the claim as the day was cloudy. After Patseo, there is rolling terrain up to Zing Zing Bar. From there the climb to Baralacha La starts. Our camp was set up 6km ahead of ZZ Bar. We climbed steadily and reached the dhaba where we were to sleep that night in no time and were welcomed with a glass of hot soup. At this time we were at a height of 14000 ft and it had started getting pretty cold. At night, as some played cards and others chatted, I sat reading by torchlight. It would have seemed like strange gathering to any outsider but we were all releasing our stress the best we could and gearing up for the climb the next day.
Ayush Dinker
Day 4:We reached Zing Zing Bar on the next day. I was curious about the name and asked Dorje, who runs a dhaba cum night stay name Peace Cafe there, about it. He said the BRO (Border Roads Organisation) guys must have named it such back in the day. Whatever it may be, I definitely felt being in peace here.