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Hong Kong Disneyland

I was jumping crazily and happily in joy. Sun was setting down and i was still doing some rides and wished day was a bit longer. Finally! with my heavy heart and good memories i said good buy and took a return journey to Hotel.
Hotel Receptions are often the best travel guides. So, i took some quick advice from them on public travel and found out that Metro Station was very close to my Hotel and hence, i decided to use Public Transport. Trains are reliable and easy to travel. I took a train to DisneyLand and switched to child Mode.I had booked my Disney tickets in advance on online and would suggest you all to do the same.You just have to activate the ticket to a coupon on arrival in Disney land and get rolling.
tamanna tripathy
We had booked online tickets for "Disney World" for the next day. I think the early you start your day, the better - since it takes some time to reach the Disney World from Kowloon. Not to mention - there' a lot to do once you are there! We took the MTR from Jordan to Lai King, changed to Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay and then changed to Disneyland Resort Line for Disneyland Resort Station. Arrived at around 11 and it was a bright sunny day, thankfully. We collected our tickets from one of the kiosks and then had an amazing time exploring the Disney Land. There are a number of shows that are showcased at different locations - make sure to get the schedule right at the front window. Lot of food options available. At the end of the day, get back to the main area for the parade - it is not to be missed. There's also a fireworks show at around 9 pm after which you can take the train back to Kowloon.
Hori Van
I may be a little too old for Disneyland, but it still is fun.
Vishwanath Puttagunta
Disneyland needs no introduction. It's known as the happiest place on Earth. Even though I was alone, I had a great time. I was a kid again seeing all those wonderful cartoons Disney made over the years.