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Taroko Gorge

Rhonda Mix
After stopping off at the scenic cliffs, I would drive up to Taroko Gorge, one of Taiwan's most special National Parks. The marble gorge beckons the brave and adventure-thirsty, so if you love exploring and challenging yourself, you will most likely adore this part of Taiwan.
Towards the east, Taiwan's urbanized metropolitan nature fades into lush green, tropical nature. You can get there either by the well connected and modern Taiwan National Train System, or by road. Gushing streams and waterfalls run fast through the gorge.
My first stop in Taiwan was Taroko Gorge, where marble cliffs reached dizzingly up towards the sky and rushing rivers ran beneath. Here was our opportunity to hike and walk one of the trails, visiting: Swallow GrottoThe Tunnel of Nine Turns Eternal Spring shrine Trekking opportunities are both plentiful and exciting here, and range from short picturesque nature walks to longer, more rugged paths for the more adventure-seeking. In just a half-day self-guided tour, we hiked past lofty mountains, deep canyons, head spinning precipices, elegant waterfalls and wild rapids.