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Hunder Sand Dunes

Aditi Chaudhary
Tip – If you don’t want to do the camel ride and just enjoy the dunes then go in the morning as it’s less windy and hence manageable.
Priya Parashar
We then proceeded towards Hunder where we did double humped camel ride. The prices were fixed (thank God, 200 per person) but it was a mad affair to find a rider who has exact no. of camels as you require. Sand dunes camels and rock formations will remind you a landscape from Mars. LOL. The phenomenal valley’s landscape blew our mind. We were hungry so we again had maggi and tea in nearby café. We saw the cultural show (tickets 100 per person). It was so beautiful. The ladies were singing themselves. Amazing!
Dipannita Sarkar
We started of for Hunder, early morning. Stupas on the way, gompas overlooking the deserted landscape, prayer wheels in corners whole way had its beauty on its own. Khardungla pass the world's highest road we were passing by on route. Playing in snow their is the highlight. The diskit monastery close to hunder gives a wide view of the entire oasis in the middle of desert. White sand dunes followed by mountains then the blue sky and clouds above is like picture coming alive. We were put up in #Habib guest house. Mr Abdul the owner of the place is a true gem. The cost was Rs 500 per person. One of the largest properties their. He is also expanding by building lounge kind of area and make shift tent. Contact: 01980-221039, 9469736543.
1. Double Humped Camp - Rs. 2584
Sail through the white sand dunes of the Nubra Valley atop a Bactrian Camel. Double-hump camels are exclusive to the region and are therefore shining gems on the road to Ladakh.
Then we visited the 30metres Buddha statue near the monastery, lunched at one of the restaurants just outside the Monsatery. Carry some cash to buy some beautiful souvenirs from the Lama shop there. And, finally see some double hump or Bactrian camels. We were lucky enough to see the entire herd on whom our entire silk route depended and out of them one closed enough to get friendly guy!
aashish garg
The day was sunny and bright and so was the level of excitement.Today i was heading to the highest motorable road in the world.Yeah you got that right the mighty Khardungla Pass.Situated at an altitude of 18380 ft,this pass is such an awesome place to be at. Khardungla pass is a 40 km uphill drive from Leh and believe me it's one of the best driving experiences one can ever have.One has to register their vehicle at South Pullu before moving further towards Nubra Valley.I spent an hour at the Khardungla pass having delicious lip smacking maggi with a cup of a hot lemon tea, that place just made my day.Next i started to move further towards Nubra Valley.After a couple of hours from the Khardungla Pass,suddenly the terrain turned from hills to deserts and that sight was just out of the world.That was the first glimpse of hunder. Then there came the Diskit Monastery which is the home to a 106 ft statue of lord Buddha that is a beautiful sight in itself.I reached hunder by 4 in the evening and chilled out in the deserts witnessing the dusk.The day was getting into the darkness and i was looking for a shelter and i was lucky enough to find a beautiful homestay namely Ldumra Oasis guest house.The owner was courteous and gentle and was always available for any sort of help.
Arjit Anand
We reached Hunder and headed straight to the sand dunes. The place was a little unbelievable to be true. A desert in the middle of mountains with splashes of greenery and small puddles of water. There were camels, the double humped ones, also known as Bactrian camel.Nubra is famous for these. There was an option of taking camel ride on one of them but we opted out of it. The sand dunes are a nice place to spend some time. You can click pictures, stare into the vastness of nothing, take camel rides, or just chill. Point to be noted: Have sufficient time on your hand while you are here.
Pradeep Choudhary
After reaching Nubra valley the double humped camel of Hunder village: A only species only at the northern most part of ladakh, in Hunder village, few kms before India Pakistan border. The desert of Hunder is suitable for their living. Camal safari is a popular activity amongst the locals and tourists alike. Apart from the double hump, most notable difference with other camels is the amount of hairs its body, to protect it from the harsh winds.
Hunder lies between Turtuk to Diskit. A place where you can find greenery, river, mountains, snow and sand dunes. Double humped Bactrian camel are the main attraction. They have interesting history if you dig each camels generation back to centuries.