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Hunder Sand Dunes

Sachin Chhachhia
​From the second day, we saw no villages except a few shepherds and wild hairy yaks and we were walking above 4,000 meters all the time. On the evening of the second-day trek, we met Michael and Birgit who were doing the same trek and they have a team of super-friendly people with them. Rigzen, their guide and a 28-year-old local guy of Nubra Valley now a dear friend is such an amazing guy who has done some amazing work for his village was one of many happy souls we met on this walk. Trail to Hunder Dog
Vandy Malik
Our next stop was hunder famous for double hump bactrian camels and sand dues. The price for camel ride is 200/- INR only. We will find river flowing along with the sand dues and mountain another amazing view. You can stay there overnight if you have your own tents. This place would totally justify your stay.
Apeksha Mahto
As you enter the valley there is Sand dunes on one side and mountains on the other, the tiny streams melting snow sparkling on the hills.
Aditi Chaudhary
Tip – If you don’t want to do the camel ride and just enjoy the dunes then go in the morning as it’s less windy and hence manageable.
Priya Parashar
We then proceeded towards Hunder where we did double humped camel ride. The prices were fixed (thank God, 200 per person) but it was a mad affair to find a rider who has exact no. of camels as you require. Sand dunes camels and rock formations will remind you a landscape from Mars. LOL. The phenomenal valley’s landscape blew our mind. We were hungry so we again had maggi and tea in nearby café. We saw the cultural show (tickets 100 per person). It was so beautiful. The ladies were singing themselves. Amazing!