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Chowmahalla Palace

The official residence of the Nizams while they were the authority of the state, this ws a prominent seat of the famous Asaf Jahi Dyansty. The palace in the local language is called as the Chowmallattuu Palace. The construction began in the year 1750 by Nizam Salabhat Jung and was finally completed in the year 1864- 69 by Nizam Afzar- Ud Dawla Bahadur. Stretching from the Laad Bazar to the Aspan Chowk, the palace is a replica of the Shah's Palace in Teheran of Italy. The palace in spite of being so old has held on nicely to its former beauty and glory and is ageing with absolute grace. The detailing of the architecture and designs is fantastic. Apart from the beautoful lawns and and gardens the Tehniyat Mahal, Afzal, Mehtab and Aftab Mahals are very popular attractions in here.
Ananiah Blessing
Literally translating to Four Palaces, Chowmahalla Palace was constructed over 200 years ago. Unique in style and grandeur, the palace is made up of 2 vast courtyards, a grand Darbar Hall and well maintained gardens with fountains. The palace is located within a walking distance from Charminar and is now home to the museum about the heritage of the Nizams and their story.
Sneha Vashist
I began my day by visiting Chowmahalla Palace. This palace makes you feel like a queen or maybe it did that to me. The palace has majestic courtyards, lush green gardens, mesmerizing fountains and prestigious collection of vintage cars. This highly maintained palace of Nizams defines what luxurious living would have been! I entered the Khilwat Durbar, the chandelier court of the Nizams and it made my heart skip a beat. Everything around me happened in slow motion for next few minutes. Felt like I was time travelling to a different era. It's difficult to take your eyes off the beauty of this durbar. These chandeliers are only lighted when parties are held there. Believe it or not. This durbar can be hired for parties. Are you planning one lately ? Why not add royalty to it by hiring this place ?Ooops, I meant palace.My personal favourite in this palace was the vintage car section. Royalty gets defined not only when it runs in your blood or through your clothes and jewellery. It is also defined when you travel grand. On royal wheels. I wanted to believe somehow that this palace belonged to me. Everything here was connected to me. May be in my past life. Let me quote myself, "This palace gives you dreams.It was then time to say adios to this uniquely elegant 200 year old palace and head to some Biryani place nearby. When in Hyderabad, all you eat is Biryani ! Atleast, I wanted to follow that mantra. When asked around, locals suggested that we should try Shah Ghouse restaurant in the area for varieties of Biryani. Being a vegetarian, all biryanis taste similar to me. So, this was also one of the not so extraordinary veg biryanis for me but it definitely filled up my empty stomach. Do not hold on any high expectations in terms of ambiance and hospitality. Go for the food. Non vegetarians might get good options. But I would still suggest. Try it out and make your own opinion. It was then time to explore the very famous minaret that symbolizes Hyderabad, the Char Minar and the buzzing market places around it. Situated in the heart of the old city, this monument is defines Hyderabad. Your trip to Hyderabad is incomplete if you do not take out time to visit this magnificent minaret.
Vandita Jadeja
Chowmala Palace is also a museum which consists of ancient items similar to the Salar Jung museum.
Chowmahallah Palace (Nizam's Residence) - Cost: Rs 30 (Entry ticket Rs 20 and parking ticket Rs 10) | Time: 10 am to 5 PM
Abhinaba Chatterjee
The Chowmahalla Palace is a glorious place, take time to walk around and see the displays. Its a fine peek into the lives of the Asaf Jahi kings. Don't miss the collection of vintage automobiles at the back, especially the royal Rolls Royce. It will be lunch time by the time you come out of Chowmahalla. If Biriyani is what you are craving for, then head to Shah Ghouse. Its advisable to take an autorickshaw to get there. In case you want vegetarian food or just anything non-Biriyani, head to Hotel Shadaab. Sometimes on Saturday and Sunday mornings there is a heritage walk conducted around this place. It is always better to be guided by someone who can tell you the history of the place.The next place to visit after lunch is the Salarjung Museum. The time you are going to spend at Salarjung Museum depends on your interests. The must see displays are Ivory gallery, Western Paintings, Walking Sticks Gallery and the Veiled Rebecca. You can decide your next stop based on how long you've spent in the museum and how tired you are. If you are early and fresh, I suggest make a trip to Paigah tombs. Take an autorickshaw and ask locals for directions. It isn't a place frequented by tourists; but if you love ancient architecture, you'll find this place quite intriguing.
Sreshti Verma
The official residence of Nizams, the Chowmahalla Palace was built from 1750 to 1857 marking an expanse of 45 acres and containing four palaces within its complex. The architect modelled it after Shah of Iran's palace in Tehran, and gave it a unique style and design which is reflected in its unaging elegance.
After Charminar, the place to hit next was Chowmahalla Palace. It was the official residence of the Nizams'. It is said that Nizams' were considered to be one of the richest people of their time. Evidently, you can witness their life in this palace. The Calmness of the place will soothe your mind. There is a Ticket counter, a cloakroom to keep your stuff and a small cafeteria inside. You can have a royal feeling in the main durbar. It has huge yet beautiful chandeliers, the pigeons roaming will just give you the feeling of being in that era. Starting from Cutleries to clothes, from shoes to coins, everything is kept. But sadly, the maintenance is not up to the mark. The best part about this place is the Vintage Car Museum. Nizams' did have a fancy car collection. 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost,A spectacular Fiat limousine, A Napier, 1952 Packard 200 Deluxe Touring Sedan (others I do not even remember) and several carriages, it is just mind blowing. The mind-boggling fact is The seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan used this Ford Tourer just for the purpose of going to the mosque at Public Gardens on a Friday. Yes, we are talking about the Nizams' who used a Rolls Royce to clean garbage over the city.
Chowmahalla Palace- Hyderabad. The Palace of the Nizam's.
Neha Chandok
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Arindam Ghosh
Another palatial museum from the Nizams. The best among collection is the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that is said to have done less than 356 miles.The grand Khilawat Mubarak or durbar hall with it's chandelliers is just wow. The Khilwat clock has been running for more than 100 years with the most accuracy.
Sneha Vashist
Gunjan Upreti
I thought if not Salarjung, maybe this will help me in some way but no, not really. Although, Chowmahalla was still slightly more interesting than the former. On incessantly troubling the guard, he mentioned that Mukarram Jah, the titular Nizam of Hyderabad, now lives in Australia and visits his palaces (Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Nazribagh Palace, Purani Haveli Palace, and Chiran Palace) once in a year.
Vandita Jadeja
We started our journey from Tolichowki (Hyderabad) to Charminar Road and parked our bike inside Chowmahalla parking lot. There is ticket counter to buy ticket, cloak room to keep your belongings and a cafeteria to have snacks. Chowmahalla Palace or Nizam's Residence was official residence of Nizam family. It has four palaces and is worth visiting. It is said that Nizams were considered to be the richest people on earth during their time. Once you visit the palace you will find that all the furnitures, cutleries, chandeliers, vintage cars like Rolls Royce, fountain, arms and weapons, Chariots, libraries, dresses and paintings are very well preserved. The main durbar has huge Chandeliers and other rooms have colourful chandeliers. It just felt like Nizams were fond of chandeliers and created a palace full of chandeliers. Two to three hour is good enough to explore the whole palace. There is a watch tower which will help you find this place from a distance.