Church of the Transfiguration

Our last visit for the day was Mount Tabor above the Jezreel Valley in the region of Galilee.-Church of the Transfiguration where Jesus transfigured along with the prophets Elijah and Moses to his dear disciples. In the quiet of the mountain top, we heard the Gospel account of the Transfiguration. It is amazing to realize that you are standing in the place where this event happened. Day three was dedicated completely to Our lady. We started with The Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, the place of the Angel's visitation to Mary and the home town of Jesus. It is a modern Catholic church built over the remains of Byzantine and Crusader churches. It incorporates the cave in which the Virgin Mary received the news from Gabriel that she would give birth to Jesus. We prayed for our mothers, living and deceased, remembering how important Mary of Nazareth was in raising and caring for her son as a child. The interior is filled with mosaics and other art depicting the Mother of God from various traditions.Right beside it is St. Joseph’s church which is built on the reputed house of St Joseph .The crypt leads to a cave which is said to have been his workshop; the stained glass windows in the crypt show the marriage of Mary and Joseph and a depiction of Joseph’s death.Then we went to Cana of Galilee, place of Christ's first miracle of changing water into wine.