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Rio Dulce

At 8 am we were picked up from our hotel by the shuttle bus to Rio Dulce (previous night we bought the tickets in the hotel) (4,5 hours). Rest of the day we spent relaxing in the town.DAY 11: RIO DULCE (EL BOQUERON, FINCA EL PARAISO)From the minibus stand, we took a ride to El Boqueron – a picturesque river canyon, where we hired a local guide with a paddled boat. From the road near El Boqueron we caught another bus to Finca el Paraiso, where we got splattered in the hot spring waterfall.DAY 12: RIO DULCE, LIVINGSTON, RIO DULCEIn our hotel, we paid for a day trip to Livingston. The boat picked us up in the morning (there’s no road connection to Livingston). We spent the whole day in this picturesque town, on the Caribbean coast, famous for its Garifuna culture.DAY 13: RIO DULCE, FLORES
Terence Yeo
A breathtaking boat ride through the "jungle cliffs" leading out to the Caribbean sea