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Shiv Mandir

Abhinaw Chauhan
This beautiful temple enshrining a Shiva-Linga comprise of square gharbhagriha and a small portico. It is atypical in the design of its vedibandha, jangha, sikhara and doorways well as its portico columns. The temple triratha on plan is crown with a sikhara topped by an amalaka. The side wall of the garbdagriha contain on the Bhadras a relief niche enshrining the figures of Vishnu on the south Surya on the east and Brahma on the north. The corner walls are composed of square pilasters embellished with Ghatapallava motifs both at the base and the capitals. The roof of the portico is supported by two fluted columns. The Sukanasa, above contains the Bhadramukha below which is carved Lakulisa in padmasana with folded hands. The dooroamb has three sahas decorated with patra-motifs. The figure of Ganesha is on the lalatabimba. The temple is dated to eighth-ninth century AD. In view of its artistic and archaeological importance, the temple is declared protected as a monument of national importance.