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Chitrakot Falls

Anandita Pattnaik
Early morning, cover a distance of 150kms in about 3 hours time to reach the Chitrakoot Waterfall, also known as the 'Mini Niagara' Falls. However, as I've seen the actual Niagara falls I'm renaming it like that 'Nano Niagara Falls'. But no matter mini or nano, the waterfall was marvelous. The Indus river plays a game of Chinese checkers before plunging down to create this mesmerizing fall with colorful misty rainbows all over.
Varun Suchday
Take a boat-trip up close to the Niagara Falls of IndiaYou hear it before you see it. I mean you are bound to when the waterfall is 1000 feet wide and 100 feet high. If its sound possesses you then its sight leaves you teary-eyed. Millions of litres of water flowing peacefully until it reaches the drop. All that cloudy white water undergoes a 100 feet drop giving rise to ethereal mist on impact.
After a couple of pit stops to recharge our appetite we reached Jagdalpur hotel by 4pm (8 hours). After rest and freshening up in a couple of hours we left to see the Massive Chitrakote Falls aka Niagra falls of India. The beautiful waterfall is about 40 kms from Jagdalpur city and is located on Indravati River. The height of the fall is about 30 meters and it is the widest waterfall of India. The lights made the falls look even more mesmerizing and it was truly a sight to watch.
Places to Visit:1) Chitrakot Waterfall – known as the ‘Niagara of India’. I haven’t visited Niagara so far, but I must admit that this is by far one of the best waterfalls of our country. The sound of flowing water in the background will kill you softly with its song. I know this has not been done before, but just a thought, there is lots of empty space near the Chitrakot falls which could be turned into ‘a campers’ haven’.
Mayuri R
By the time we reached Jalgdalpur, it was getting dark already. We made a quick stop for a cup of tea and continued towards Chitrakote. As we were getting nearer to Dandami Resort by Chitrakote falls, it was getting darker and our mobile network started playing hide & seek and after a point completely disappeared. Sushanta said only Reliance network worked there. After sometime Sushanta pointed towards a light and said " That's chitrakote fall" We rolled down the car windows. We could hear the gurgling water. He stopped the car near the water fall. I wanted to get down. But P said " Let's check in first and then we will come back." Sushanta said the lights will remain on till 9 pm. It was only 7.30 pm.The Dandami Luxury Resort is the only option to stay at Chitrakote water fall. There we were welcomed with flower bouquets by Mr. Srivastava, senior tourist information officer and Mr. Thakur, the resort manager. All our tiredness from this long road journey disappeared by this warm welcome. They said that we were booked in Cottage no 1 and assured that we would love that. We came to our room to drop our things. The moment the lights were on and Raju, who showed us our room, turned the curtains away from the window, I and P were awestruck. We could see the fall straight from the room! We dropped our bags in the room and headed to the fall. It was a sight to behold. Chitrakote water fall was in it's full monsoon glory. We could have sat there the whole night. But the lights go off at 9 pm. So we returned to the resort reluctantly.Next day was my birthday. Both I & P woke up at 5.30am and headed to the fall. We wanted to catch the sunrise. There was no one and since the sky was cloudy, so there was no sunrise too. That did slightly disappoint us; but spending those absolute quiet morning at the Chitrakote fall just the two of us was priceless. Slowly people from nearby places started coming. First the temple priest came to have bath. Then few others. There were women and children too. I have to admit, I am used to being glared at as a woman. I have even seen male guests in 5 star hotels checking out women in the swimming pool. But there the so called " not so developed" part of the country, men & women were bathing together in the river and no one gave a damn.