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Jaisalmer Fort

This is an 800 year old fort and is also known as the “Golden Fort” of Rajasthan. This is one of the most magnificent fortifications of the state and is the second oldest also after the Chittorgarh Palace. The title given to this fairytale fort complex is because of its light color which almost merges with the color of the desert sand like a mirage coming out of it. Jaisalmer City is located in the interiors of the Thar Desert and the King Jaisal planned to make this place his capital. The intricate designs on the sandstone base of the fort buildings make them look even more heavenly. It is also the only living fort of the country. This means almost half of the whole city resides inside the fort complex even today. This includes rich merchants, artisans and other common people as well. Earlier, the whole population of the kingdom lived inside but a part had to move out given the constraint of increasing population. From earlier times onwards, Jaisalmer has been a very important trade connection especially with the Muslim kingdom. Till today you will find a number of Muslim merchants dwelling here. An interesting legend about the history of this fort complex says that Lord Krishna, the leader of the Yadav clan once dreamt of setting up his kingdom in this area and his wish was fulfilled by King Jaisal, who also belonged to the Yadav clan. The fort crowning the Trikut Hills looks no less than a dreamland. You can come here in the month of February and enjoy the famous Annual Camel Fair and other festivals too.
Raj Srivastav
The whole city of Jaisalmer is engulfed in golden colour. The dividers, the circles, the pavements, the sidewalks, the houses, everything follows the same colour code as the fort itself. In fact, Jaisalmer Marriott is also built with the same stones and looks like a mini fort in itself. We went straight to have a glimpse of the Jaisalmer fort. This is one of the very few forts in the world where people still reside. In fact, apart from the last 300 yrs or so, the fort was the city of Jaisalmer after which people started building establishments nearby. We did not visit the fort from inside as we had visited 2 already and 1 more was due in the upcoming days.Tip: Before moving ahead of Jaisalmer, better have your lunch because most of the camps will provide welcome drinks/tea but not lunch.
A Living Fort!
Sudhanshu Yadav
We can call it ' The only living fort in india'.The Jaisalmer Fort is the second-oldest fort in the state of Rajasthan, and the oldest continuously inhabited fort in India. It was built on a hill in the 12th century by Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal and the best thing about this fort is people are still staying in this fort with address line includes "in Jaisalmer Fort".
Isha Gupta
Jaisalmer Fort is one of the living forts in the world and nearly one-fourth of the Jaisalmer population resides in the fort and earns their livelihood through tourists in the fort itself. This fort has yellow sandstones and during the daytime, it appears all golden and thus also referred to as golden quilla.
Rahul Gera
Mast road takes 5 hours to reach from Bikaner... Burpp one beer with panoramic views of Jaisalmer city. Only fort in India where more than 4k people stays.