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Jaisalmer Fort

This is an 800 year old fort and is also known as the “Golden Fort” of Rajasthan. This is one of the most magnificent fortifications of the state and is the second oldest also after the Chittorgarh Palace. The title given to this fairytale fort complex is because of its light color which almost merges with the color of the desert sand like a mirage coming out of it. Jaisalmer City is located in the interiors of the Thar Desert and the King Jaisal planned to make this place his capital. The intricate designs on the sandstone base of the fort buildings make them look even more heavenly. It is also the only living fort of the country. This means almost half of the whole city resides inside the fort complex even today. This includes rich merchants, artisans and other common people as well. Earlier, the whole population of the kingdom lived inside but a part had to move out given the constraint of increasing population. From earlier times onwards, Jaisalmer has been a very important trade connection especially with the Muslim kingdom. Till today you will find a number of Muslim merchants dwelling here. An interesting legend about the history of this fort complex says that Lord Krishna, the leader of the Yadav clan once dreamt of setting up his kingdom in this area and his wish was fulfilled by King Jaisal, who also belonged to the Yadav clan. The fort crowning the Trikut Hills looks no less than a dreamland. You can come here in the month of February and enjoy the famous Annual Camel Fair and other festivals too.
ayush maloo
Today our tour guide take us to Jaisalmer Fort- The living FortJaisalmer Fort is popularly known as Sonar Quila. It is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan. It was built by Bhati Rajputs in 1156 AD, has a height of 250 feet and 99 bastions in the Fort. The fort stands proudly amidst the golden stretches of the great Thar Desert, on Trikuta Hill, and has been the scene of many battles with Khaljis, Tughlaqs, Mughals and Rathore rulers.Why its also know as living fort beacause many people work, leave, have house inside it, and leaving their life inside it.
Hani Modi
we returned from this location to Jaisalmer city and ate a very famous food of Rajasthan Dal batti, which was amazing.Then we decided to go jaisalmer fort top view just to see Jaisalmer city in the night????.There was a light rain and the yellow rays of light was falling on the fort and the yellow shiny wall of Rajasthan looking like a Royal king.We spent 3 hours there and went back to the hotel
Pooja Shetty
Next up was a visit to the Gadisar Lake, you should visit around sunset for a better view.
Shivani Rawat
जैसा की मैंने बताया सुबह उठकर हमने सबसे पहले रेगिस्तान में जीप सफारी के मज़े लिए। फिर वक़्त आगया था शहर की तरफ चलने का। सबसे पहले तो हम पहुंचे जैसलमेर किले पर। सुबह पीला तो शाम तो सुनेहरा लगने लगता है। क्या आर्किटेक्चर है किले का, मंत्रमुग्ध थे सब लोग। वहाँ पहुँचकर हमने एक गाइड ले लिए जिसने हमें जमकर कहानियां सुनाई और किले के बारे में बताया, मैं यह नहीं कह रही कि सार कहानियां सच होंगी पर सुनने में काफी मज़ा आता है। मैं आपको भी राय दूंगी कि वहाँ जाकर गाइड ज़रूर लें। इतना बड़ा किला था कि अंदर गाओं का गाओं बसा हुआ था। राजस्थान की परंपरागत पोशाक भी यहां आसानी से मिल जाएँगी। 
Harsh Sharma
The golden city was a little more colorful than usual as Holi had just gone by.