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Alexandra Kovacova
Not a lot of people are aware about the Pyramids of Guachimontones. It's a shame. It is such a beautiful place. Discovered in 1969, these pyramids are still a budding archaeological site. It became one of the most important sites in Western Mexico and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can go up the biggest pyramid in Guachimontones, which is still under the hill, covered with trees, bushes and stones. It will let you go back in history and imagine the other pyramid looking the same when it was discovered after it was abandoned for many years. From there enjoy the view of all Guachimontones and more towns, lake and mountains behind. Such an amazing place! Looks very romantic but it is full of history. The most interesting thing about Guachimontones is that the pyramids are circular, not like the rest of the pyramids. There is only one more place in Mexico with a circular pyramid – Cuicuilco in Distrito Federal.